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Hello everyone this is my first post over here!

Hi all, i have moved over from you and your wedding so if anyone is on there maybe you recognise my user name!
If not - hello to everyone and im sure i will get to know some of you before long!

A little about me -
Me and my h2b are both 24, and have been together since we were 16.
I am getting married in 49 days so came off the pill about 3 and a half weeks ago, not exactly planning to ttc straight away, but would certainly be over the moon if it happened.
I think we will be at a disadvantage to most, as my h2b has a condition, which i will post more about in another forum in the hope of getting some advice.
so i fear we will not be able to have a baby without medical intervention, hence coming off the pill sooner than originally planned.

Anyway, thats me for now,

speak to some of you soon!

smartarse x


  • Welcome! I remember you from yayw, I hardly go on there any more but I was Mrs LucyJP, got married in Feb.

    I hope your wedding goes well and good luck with ttc! This site is lovely, none of the bitching of yayw at all!

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