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Trying for first baby :)

Hey girlie's!

I've been nosing on here for a few days now and couldn't resist the urge to register and talk to you all image

I'm a young-un turn 21 in January! But me and my partner have decided to start trying for a baby! We've been together for 3 years and have lived together since day one. I'm a mummy to 2 beautiful cat's and a chocolate Lab but would do anything to have a baby of our own now image My partner really is my everything and if I've been dropping the right hints - which may I add have NOT been subtle - may be engaged soon! (but ill keep you posted on that one! haha)

We stopped using contraception 6 months ago and after a month I fell pregnant, we were over the moon and as I am a compulsive buyer I went straight out and bought a few little bits to celebrate. However around week 8 before my first midwife appt, I miscarried. It was such a horrific experience and took us a while to come to terms with it which is why its taken us till now to decide to try again, but we've now accepted that there must have been something not wrong with the baby and that if it had gone out any longer could have lead to complications so although it is a horrible memory we have accepted what happened and are moving forward wahey! Let's hope it happens fast I am very impatient hahaimage

Hope everyone is well and happy and I look forward to speaking to all of you!


p.s apologies for the essay guys!
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