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Hi I am new with a 14 month daughter

Hello everyone!

Like I said I am new and I have a lovely- not so small daughter.

I am looking for ideas on what games to play with her - I have just finished my Masters degree and now all my attention can go on to my little girl - but I run out of ideas now and then. So any ideas would be great.

xxxxx :\?


  • Hi im a mum to a 14 month old daughter too and new to this. Do you go to any mother and toddler groups or anything with you're daughter? my lo likes swimming, singing with actions, (we go to a group called bounce and tickle which do singing,rhymes and stories.) we also go to a toddler group with toys and games for lo's. At home we do dancing, play peek a boo, read, play with toys and do things like imaginary cooking with pot, spoons and dried pasta and freya pretends to make the dinner.:\)
  • Hey,

    Thanx for your post.

    We don't go to toddler groups mainly because my hubby has the car for work and they are all too far away - we do have a local one but every time I have gone no one attended....

    I tend to play with her in the house and now winter has set in, no more out door games which is a shame. We play similar games, Scarlett loves playing peekaboo she is always hiding - she loves to sit and read, and empty her toy chest and tidy it all up again which is rather handy!!!

    Scarlett likes walking and running around so I just got her some reins so I am taking her out with the dog on a little walk which she enjoys.....

    What is your little girl doing now, walking, talking etc? Scarlett can say a few words but she just babbles mostly.

    Are you in a good bedtime routine now? I think, fingers crossed, we finally have got Scarlett to go to bed and stay there!

    Nice chatting.

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