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Group 1 car seats


My little boy seems to have outgrown his rear facing car seat (maxi-cosi cabriofix).

He is only 7 months but can sit upright unaided.  He is tall and about 25lb.

I've been looking online for the next stage car seat.  A forward facing group 1 seat.

Can anyone share any advice or recommend a good safe and comfortable seat?

There seem to be a wide variety of seats by each manufacturer - is there anything in particular that i should be looking for?



  • keep them rear facing as long as possible it really is the safest for them, go by his weight i can't remember the weight for forward facing?

    But we have to maxi cosi seats which are fab think they are the priori ones?? each of our little boys has one, so easy. however you need to check that your car seat is compatible with the make/model of your car thats the most important thing.

  • The most imporatnt thing to remember is the only seat that is safe is the one that is corrctly fitted to your make/model of car. Mothercare and halfords do a free fitting service providing you buy from them. I'm all for buying second hand bot this is one thing you should buy new as you never know if it's been in an accident.

    I too use the Mxai Cosi Priori seat for my daughter

    As Nicola says keep him rearward facing for as long as poss.

  • we have this one for our little girl, and although she is now using it as a forward facing seat it can also be used as a rear facing seat and has the attachement needed for the seatbelt. I find that it is much bigger than the rear facing seat she used to be in, so would give more room but also allow for her to be in a rear facing seat for longer.

    Another thing you will need to think of is that he should really still be in a rear facing car seat at his age if possible. And also you need to think about the benefits you want the new seat to have. I found that the primo viaggio seat Hollie used to be in was great as it had a base which was left in the car, this meant if she was asleep when we got home we could easily take the seat in the house with her still asleep. Now however with the new seat we have it is much harder to take the seat in because by the time we have fiddled around she has woken up.

  • We too have a 25lb 7 month old about to outgrow her 1st car seat.We had a Graco cos it went with the pram.We're about to put her in her sister's Britax First Class SI.Think I got the name right.It fits front and rear facing birth to about 3 years.Our baby can't sit yet and I would rather keep her rear facing as long as possible.At 7 months it's safer.I think the guideline is 9 months or sitting unaided but the later the better.You want the force of an impact to go through the seat rather than the baby. The seat is a tight fit in any car we tried it in ,including our minibus.It's comfy,well padded,with high sides.Cover comes off easy for washing.We have 6 kids so we've gone through a few car seats in the last few years and this is the best one we found yet.
  • Hi - really the best advice is to go to a shop where you can try the seat in your car on the spot and not just rely on the seat in the shop being the same as yours.  Also remember that some of these shops like Halfords and Mothercare also don't know how to fit seats and an unacceptable percentage actually fit them incorrectly so gave a darned good read of the instructions book and don't use the seat until you are proficient in its use.  I know few people who can keep their seat in their car and never have to move it out or into someone else's car so you must know how to use it.

    Our problem with our son was of a different nature - he had outgrown, height-wise, the Primo Viaggio car seat but was no where near the weight for the next size up, by nearly 3kg, and we had heard stories of stores refusing to sell to a family whose child was underweight so we bought off ebay after looking on various brands websites for one that fitted both our cars.  Britax's website shows you on pretty much all models of car where the seat fits and where you can't use it.

  • Nicolette we had the same problem with our primo viaggio, Hollie's feet were getting squashed against the back seat but she was nowhere near the weight for another. That's why we went for a rear-facing and forward-facing seat.
  • Rear facing car seat is much more safer than forward facing car seat, baby should use rear facing car seat as long as possible, general speaking, it should be 2 years old or reach maximum height/weight limit of the infant car seat

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