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Evening all!

How are we all? Been a while since i was last on, just so busy with jd!!! I have a little question too, jd has started biting and yesterday he drew bloodimage it really bloody hurt!! He doesn't do it in a nasty way, he kind of cuddles up to you and then sinks his teeth in, he bites other things too. Could it be he's teething? or is this a stage they go thro?  When he does it to me i jst say NO and put him straight down and walk away from him. Is this the best way to deal with it? Sorry for all the questions.....

Hope you are all ok and enjoying your evenings.

Zoe and Emma L ........7 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!image


  • Hi Sarah,

    Woohoo, I can't wait. We'll have to make arrangements towards the end of the week.

    As for the biting, I would say you are doing the right thing to discourage JD, it's what I did. I would say that it is probably a phase he is going through after discovering he gets a reaction from what he does.

    I hope you are both ok anyway.

    SEE you soon image, xx

  • Oh i'm excited bout next week!!! Going to have butterflies i think LOL

  • I remember my auntie biting my cousin back once when she bit her, not something i'll be doing tho! Think jd's going to be a cannibalimage
  • She'd say its not acceptable!!!! LOL
  • Yes she would say that lol!!!

  • Sarah,

    There's no need to have butterflies, me and Em are lovely, promise!!


  • Should have said....

    I didn't bite either of mine back. I just didn't react with an OOOWWWWW, but said no and pushed them away if they came near saying I don't like that. It sounds harsh but they hated it and soon stopped.

  •  Hi there, i had the same problem with Ethan when he was around 9 mts too. Thing is though he was biting other babies at playgroups etc... I dealt with it by telling him firmly 'no, you do not bite',  bringing him away from the other child (so has not to cause them further distress) and making him sit by my feet for a few minutes. I mentioned it to my health visitor who agreed i was doing all the right things.  Ethan quickly grew out of this stage but he is now going through it again (he is almost two), he only ever does it at day nursery though (must be something about wednesdays) so i am never around to discipline him. I don't know wether JD is biting other children or just you but if it is just you i would be more inclined to think that it is a playful, loving bite (if you know what i mean!). My cousin had this with her baby. It's tough when they can't express their feelings verbally isnt it?
  • Wahey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sarah, Zoe and I have only met up for 2 hours before so there will prob be butterflies all round but i bet we will all be chatting like old friends in no time! As long as I get cuddles with JD that is! I aven't been on here for absolutely ages as have been having a really rough time at work and with my ankle AND william and his hearing - will have to do an update post!

    Both mine were biters, i found the best thing was not to say anything at all and immediatly put them down or walk away that way they got absolutely the opposite of what they wanted - worked a treat!



  • I haven't had a biter but Hayds friends bites his mum - like you said sarah he cuddles up then all of a sudden he bites her really hard ,Once when i was there she cried it hurt her so much. But she shocked me a few weeks later when she'd had enough of him doing it she wouldn't cuddle him anymore , he retaliated by - you guessed it biting a chunk out of her shoulder - she did it back not so hard - i don't condone it - but he hasn't done it since. It's hard to know what to do !!
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