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Personally I don't do Halloween, well its the trick or treating that i don;t like, but anyway, I came across this website whilst searching for something else and thought that some of you might find it useful over the half term break!!! 


  • Thanks Caroline,

    I don't like the trick or treating either but we do a pumpkin and buy them a mask or something!

  • Hi Ladies,

    We don't do halloween either. I get quite nervous about the large teenage trick or treaters! The kids may wear a hat etc when opening the door to give out sweets, that;s about it!
  • I get nervous while taking my nieces and nephews out but I can't keep them inside on Halloween night, they would drive me insane. We usually go around our neighborhood or find a safe alternative image Thanks for the link!
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  • I like Halloween! It's a fun time and even this night can be useful. My children cut 2 pumpkins so I ought to do something with them. So I baked Pumpkin Pie and everybody liked it. You can do with pumpkins that last after Halloween. It's really easy.

    Yeast-free puff pastry dough300 g

    Pumpkin130 g

    Onion40 g

    Butter15 g



    I did it in Multicooker, so it was simple action: coarsely grate the pumpkin, and chop the onions. Combine pumpkin with onions, and sprinkle with salt and spices. Divide the dough into 2 equally-sized parts and roll them out into 2 circles the width of a bowl. Top one part of the dough with the filling and cover with another. Seal the edges. Grease the bowl with butter and carefully place the pie inside. Set "Bread" program and all done! And if you need more recipe I can recommend you search here: It's my Multicooker official blog and all that tried from there was good.

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