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What can you do to make yourself feel better when you have a really bad cold and your preggy, really sore and tired and full off cold. hum, feel so sorry for myself image


  • Put some olbas oil on the radiators,tha may help or a warm bath with olbas dotted around the bathroom x
  • Hope ur feeling a bit better linz,

    i made the mistake of deciding to do some crimbo shoppin today, and ive about killed myself, i feel like im going to split in half and my legs fall off, plus after avoiding it when jack and roo had it ive got an awful cold! image

  • oh Jen thats a good one. I have just been topping up with the tea and having a wheat pack on my shoulders. My eyes hurt so much
  • Ah sorry you''re not feeling well linz and you too Laura xx

    not sure what to recomend, the olbas oil sounds like a good idea xx

  • Hope you are both feeling better today x
  • You can actually take almost anything!!! They tell you not to take any drugs as a precaution!!

    I took nasal sprays, co-codamol (prescribed by my doc for spd), ibuprofen (when completely desperate at 3am), and antibiotics (prescribed by my doc).

    The way i see it, if i am happy then baby is happy. My dentist told me that that it actually does more harm to leave yourself in pain than to take a few painkillers and make yourself feel better and it is also better for the baby.

  • i took nothing when pg with jack and had all sorts of bugs infections colds etc and suffered, and jacks as ill, this time ive had paracetamol when ive needed it, felt alot better and babies doing better! than jacks, as at this time in last pregnancy he was home and very smallimage
  • I just want to sleep, really tired. but at least my headache has gone 
  • Hope those of you that are unwell  feel better soon xx
  • thanks girls, I do feel better but sound like I smoke 50 a day which is not good when I am supposed to be recording some backing tommorrow for my hubbys song. Oh well it will have to just wait.
  • If I've got a really bad cold I take the usual cold medicines,specially after the 1st 3 months.They tell you not to cos there may be some very small risk,not sure what.If you are worried though,you can make your own lemsip.Half a fresh lemon,big spoon of honey,however much for taste.Swallow a couple of paracetamol,and you just sip it like a lemsip.Lemon's a natural decongestant,honey sees to your sore throat.Took me a couple of tries to get the taste right but it does the trick.
    Hope you feel better soon.
  • thanks sweetie, this morning I had that much phlem on my chest I was actually reaching, it was horrible feeling, I knew it was phlem and not sick and it made it worse coz it was so thick it would only get so far up then down again, poor Isabelle was doing it to.
  • I know the feeling.I swear this is a lurgy that targets pregnant women.I've plastering myself with Vic at night this week.Last week I had the chest thing.Mine seems to get worse as soon as I decide to go to bed.
  • Just realised I didn't say add boiling water to the lemon honey till it fills a mug.Can't imagine trying to drink it without.I think the pregnancy brain haze is descending fast.Oh and Covonia is good for clearing the stuff off your chest.Probably not suitable for pregnant women,but I've definately used it.
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