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Please help!!!

I have just taken a pregnancy test and have got a faint line and the dark control line. The test line is very faint but is still visible. But Ian is unsure if I am pregnant or not he wants to wai until the morning.

Is it true that if you have a line no matter how faint then you are pregnant?

I have no idea how long my cycle is, it is sometimes 6 weeks and sometimes 4. I had my last period on the 31st of october so it has been 33 days since my last period.

Please help us as Ian wants to wait but he can see the line and so can I. I will re-test with the first morning wee but does it look like i am??? image



  • Well congratulations are in order I think Karen. I am pretty sure that a line no matter how faint is a positive result.

    Woweeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONSimageimageimageimageimageimage If you get the new digital clear blue it will tell you how many weeks you are.  YAY  Well done. a little bother or sister for Hollie. Thats lovely xxx

  • Thanks Lucy, Ian still wont believe me he says he will wait until the morning. But even in the morning it may well be faint as i dont know when my period is due.

    I will re-do one in the morning to satisfy him. image

  • A line is a line hun, no matter how faint!

  • awwwww...I don't want to say it yet....I am waiting for the confirmation, maybe here or maybe a new topic lol. I'm waiting...
  • woweeeee!! congratulations  karen, how exciting, im pretty certain that a line is pg no matter how advise a digital test!!

    congrats again imageimageimageimage

  • Ooh!! i'd advise a didital one too!! how exciting!!!!
  • Ooh!! i'd advise a didital one too!! how exciting!!!!
  • Faint line or not ,like the others said its a line,i had this with riley. Like lucy says get the new clear blue digital one,wish it was around whe i needed one. All the best and cant wait to hear a

  • Oh how exciting Karen, can't wait to hear if its darker in the morning x x
  • Oooh! think there's something in the water!! Or have you and sarah been sitting on the same chair? lol!

    Hope it's positive hun, certainly sounds like it x x x

  • Congratulations!!!!

    I had a faint line when first tested positive for Jack. The digital ones weren't out then so tested another 3 times with it getting more definate each day!!!!!! If you can get a digital one it will give you a definate answer.



  • haha Tasha - Karen you havent sneakily been to NY have you imageimage
  • Congratulations,Karen.Mine was a faint one too.I did another after 3 days and it was a bit darker.I think a lines a line.
  • Congratulations Karen!

    I got a faint line with Leighton, but I tested 4 days before I was due, 2 days later it was a mega dark line!!!

  • Woweee Karen certainly sounds like you are pregnant hun!!!! I agree with the others, a line is a line!!! 

    That's soooo exciting can't wait to hear more tomorrow!!!!

     xx xx xx

  • LOL SArah!!'re even muddling up us twins in cyber land!!!! image that was emma's comment not mine!! hehehe!!! xxx x
  • Wow congratulations Karen!!!image

    I had 2 very faint positives when I first tested so bought a clear blue and it showed up loads clearer. I agree with the others a line is a line no matter how faint.

    All these babies and new pregnancies, Im feeling soooooooooooooooo broody!

  • congratulations honey!! xxxx
  • Thanks girls,

    Ian woke me at 5 this morning and asked me to go and test lol!!! I was up with Hollie at 2am waiting for ibuprofen to kick in so i went back to sleep and did it when we got up. And there is a much darker line than yesterday so woohooo i am pregnant!!!!

    Emma, funny you should say that because by the dates of my last period, Sarah and i are actually due on the same day!!!

    Sarah, no i havent been to NY but i have had more time to ttc now that Hollie is sleeping at night lol!

    I was so excited last night i couldnt sleep and I was really impatient for the morning to come round so i could test. 



    So so pleased for you Karen that is fantastic news! how are yiou feeling?

    Take care x x x x x

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