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omg omg omg omg

she sent me a text saying she's got responablitys, so i asked ray if she was preg's, he said no she's not she's got a puppy and must of rang her and told her not to talk to me anymore cos she never replied when i said are you pregnant.

anyway, i've got her as a friend on facebook under a different name and she sent me a pm saying she was pregnant, rays being a tit to her and wont talk to her since he found out and she's still in love with her ex and wants to be with him. but she wants to keep the baby!!

so i asked ray again, and he stil say's she's not, she's just bought a puppy, don't be so daft and stuff.


  • oh  what mess he has got him self in to
  • oh my goodness what a mess, and what is she playing at! maybe there is a puppy and shes not told him  because of feelings for ex etc x
  • well on the fb she said she told him and he's been funny with her since!
  • Maybe she is.Is it his.Maybe he doesn't know.Or he's just ashamed of the mess he's in.Leave him to rot in his own mess,specially if he's lying to you about it.
  • well, he's had her lying to me and he's lying about it too. what i think he's hoping is that she gets rid or loses it. you see he's had the snip, but only just, so thats how much he wanted another kid, he really  doesn't want this at all! its quite awful really. but i am wondering if it is really his, after all she's got strong feelings for her ex, who's the say it's even rays!
  • Have to watch out for the paternity test on the Jeremy Kyle show, lol. What a mess he has got himself into! Serves him right, although feel sorry for a baby brought into the world if it is not wanted!
  • Lol Pauline, well hes well and truly got himself into a mess now Kirsty! Is there a chance thats its not his?!? That would deffinatly be a case of what goes around comes around!
  • I'd agree with Cheryl,sound like got what he deserved.I wouldn't exactly sit back and enjoy it ,but well...Jeremy Kyle sounds about right.
  • Oh dear,yes what comes around goes around
  • Oh dear kristy,what a mess. Men can be fertile for a while after the snip(remember hoping for you tho its not his if she is as thats the last thing you need to deal with.

    Cant anyone else do some dirt digging to find out.

  • hi kirsty.

    my mum and dad didnt wait for the all clear and got caught with my youngest sister Becky. I think it is all very amasing and the pair of them get what they deserve. If it was me in your position I would be finding it really hard not to be smug at the fact that the pair of them are idiots. 

  • Don't understand the whole situation. But if you think the ex of your boyfriend is pregnant, try to speak (one more time or even more) to your boyfriend. Then may be he will want to get paternity dna test (non-invasive prenatal or usual, after baby is born). If he is the father, you shouldn't leave him immediately, but don't worry about it to much. He should solve all the problems about situation. 

  • jess that thread is 8 years old ;)

  • I didn't notice it:))))) Nevertheless, hope my post will be helpful for somebody.

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