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Im soo ill...

Hiya ladies,

i just need to have a winge, so lolas now doing well sleeping but i got a cold yesterday and ive given it to the poor little mite both of us have a terrible cough and she is just soo sad image it was soul destroying trying to feed her earlier as she was exhausted and so congested and kept coughing, and im all pathetic too and every inch of me aches my face everywhere, i got lola some nasosal and thats helped but her cough seems so horrible and my docs doesnt have any apps till after christmas, were gonna end up at the on call so she gets seen too if this carrys on, ive took some painkillers but just read i shouldnt while bf? any advice greatfully recieved, im hoping daddy will be lovely tonight and just give her a bottle affter a quick bf so i can sleep a lil more and hopefully feel better, Great halfway thru typing jacks had a coughing fit got upset and have had to give him calpol, think i need to go raid boots tomo or well have a very snotty crimbo!


  • I hope you are feeling better in time for Christmas.


  • Ah bless you all,hope you feeling better soon,this thing is doing the rounds again here as riley is home again(since tue)his been hot ad has a cough cold,its the 3rd time in 4wks his had this so hoping his ok for crimbo. For the kids and yourself mainly lola as she cant have much,run yourself a bath and shut the door,take the kids or just lola in carseat or bouncer and let her sit in that while you relax in the bath,the steam will ease her chest and breathing and help the cough,my MW always told me this and it helped riley.

    Wishing you all better. love your tikkers by the way they are great.xx

  • Hope you all feel better soon.A lot of the cold medicines say not to take while bf,but it's the same when you're pregnant.If you're really ill,you have to take something or make a natural version of lemsip with ahalf a lemon and a spoon of honey.Paracetamol is safe,of course,but if you're feeling really rough you have to take something.We've all had colds,sore throat all week.Darren's taken the whole week off with "flu".Have to get rid of this chest he said.Slight cough,still well enough to go out to play plastation at his brothers,not to mention up to 4am playing x-box every night this week.Well that's man flu for you,but on the plus side I have got stuff done while he "looks after" the children.
    Hope you're better soon.Hope you're being looked after
  • Same in this house though I've taken to eating an orange everyday to boost my vit c and it's really working as all I've had so far is a runny nose!  My ds had it a while back but now have the big kid home with it and breathing on me!

    I put a password on the laptop before I went out this morning so he would stay in bed and get some sleep!  I know, I'm so mean, lol!

     Get well soon all of youxxxx

     (Any chicken pox doing the rounds there?)

  • thanx ladies i had a bath this morning and little lady chilled in the swing, we were soon gatecharashed by th boys though, jack climbed in and roo loitered and whined!! bloody man... have taken paracetamol and feeling more human today i think yesterday i felt worse because it was so late and i couldnt sleep, and so far lolas been quite ok, coughs sounding better still snotty but we all slept well, which always makes things seem better!

    Jo i have the same problem with playstation and wii! The other night i even caught him settling jack whilst playing my ds!!!

  • I am an X-box widow.Friday night is "my night",Saturday is X-box.Believe me I'm not joking.I know the name of the other women and she lives under the telly in my front room.
    Darrens been looking after the little ones all week with the x box on.The older kids have one game they're allowed to play too now.They are all kicked off the telly in time for the soaps though.You have to draw the line somewhere!
  • My brother and sisters dad is an xbox nightmare, he gets obessed and insists on silence, so glad i moved out!

    Cant imagine what itll be like when jacks on it with andrew!!! argh!

  • Oh poor Laura and Lola, I hope you recover quickly.  Lots of little ones in the doctors surgery this afternoon, I think there is a lot going around in general.

     When I had my cold I was having half a lemon juiced with a teaspoon of manuka honey and topped up with hot water, drank it as hot as I could bear and that really soothed the coughs. 

     Also I have discovered a non-alcoholic chest-warmer - Julian Graves is selling a lovely warming ginger drink called Rochester, it has quite a kick and really helps to clear the congested feeling.

    Look after yourself x

  • Lol at the computer widows.  If my oh had the chance I'd be a fishing widow!  I find that the laptop is bad enough and won't allow computers in my house though we have brought the boys (5 and 3) one of those cheap imitation wis for £20 for christmas.  Hubby has had a go but soon got bored which I think is a good sign!

    Ginger does the drink help nausea?

  • Lola has lost her voice! she now kinda makes a hissing noise instead of crying, which is no suprise means she loves a good scream,  she is still feeding and sleeping well though so im hoping its going to pass, Jacks now snotty and turned into a tazmanian devil toay kicking and hitting evrything and screaming alot!!! he grabbed our dvd unit and shook it, no mean feat for a 1yr old its got around 200 dvds/cds in it! thatll be the next thing broke! hes also bit me daddy and his godmother and generally been foul until i was on the phone to mum asking her to look after him for an hour, he then calmed a little and started again but worse so went to bed 30mins early! IM so shocked hes usually an angel! Andrews still being a grumpy b******! and keeps telling me off like im one of th kids, oh except we dont talk to children like that! sayes im being pathetic, well i probably am but im up at night and all day feeding my little girl who at the moment im spoiling because if she aches like i do she needs to sleep even if it is up my jumper! I JUST HATE IT when he swears and me and tells me to shut up! gonna end up kicking him out...
  • Hope you're all feeling better soon!! We've all had rotten colds in the last couple of months, although we finally seem to be rid of all the germs!

    Take care xx

  • Hope you are all feeling better asap! Pauline x
  • Hope you're feeling better soon.Poor Lola sounds bad.At least she's feeding and sleeping.You really have to worry if they're not getting fluids.Jack's probably feeling rough,that's why he's so grumpy.He probably needed the extra sleep,probably did him a favour going to bed early.Hope he stays there for you.Just be generous with the calpol.What's the other baby's excuse.I know we all annoy each other sometimes,especially if we spend a long time together,but I don't think there's ever an excuse for swearing at someone you're supposed to care about,especially in front of your kids.You wouldn't believe the stuff that comes out of the mouths of some of the kids at our school,but you only have hear parents to see where they learnt it.It did happen once in our house when Arwen was a baby on Christmas day,so really great timing,which upset me more cos the kids heard everything.Anyway,hope Grumpypants cheers up,I'm sure you'll feel better soon.It's not a lot to ask.I'm sure if it was the other way round he'd expect the same
  • Needless to say jacks did not stay there!!! He slept an hour then screamed, so up and down the stairs ive been in between feeding miss hiss. whos now sleeping, found some tixylix for jack which has done the trick but he only went to sleep 10mins ago,

     as for the big baby he finished his rant and acted like nothing has happend so im ignoring him, ive told him unless he has something nice to say to sit down and shut up, because im not having it, he did this after jack was born, i personaly think he has jealousy issues! after jack it lasted 10months of misery and its a bloody miracle i stuck at it, it ended when we had a massive row and the weird guy over the road rang the police as it as summer windows were open and andrew was trying to take jack off me i was screaming get off so it sounded alot worse than it was, but anyways the police removed him and took me and jack to my mums where i stayed for a few days, he soon realised what hed done and came crawling and things had been ok since even when i fell out with mil! until i brought lola home and its started again, its like by telling me im useless and couldnt cope alone hes reasuring himself hes needed. hes one of 5 and is basically forgotten by his family because he left them to live here. thing is i know were both petty and alot of the time im a childish and spitefull but ive never criticised him as a daddy. and one thing thats really upset me and been playing on my mind, the other day we were out for a meal with my mum and all the littlies and a song was on and i said that it came out when i was at school and he snaps at me, shut up, that makes you sound too young and i dont want to hear it, and stomped to the toilets! WTF i was gobsmacked so was mum i jst dont know what to do to solve things before it ends up where it did last time, as me and jack are on the at risk register because of it, i was told if there was another 'incedent' social services would be involved and honest to god it was not that bad ive had plenty worse rows. im pretty worried

  • Hope Jack feels better soon.It's miserable for them all bunged up and full of cold.Not nice for you either cos there's not a lot you can do to help
    Tantrums from you husband are not something you should be worrying about now.You have two sick babies to take care of,that's what's important.There sometimes is a jealousy issue,I've had that.It's almost like a child acting up to get your attention.It does take a few weeks to adjust to life with a new baby for all the family.Maybe there is a certain amount of trying to make you feel small to make him self feel needed,but that's no way to treat someone you care about.You don't know someone's life till you walked in their shoes,but I think sometimes the nasty things stick in your mind,and overshadow the nicer stuff.It's always easier to talk things out when things are calm,you're not stressed and overtired,otherwise it ends up with another row.It's very easy to be petty and childish,I'm guilty of that,but in the long run and for the sake of peace I let stuff go now.I know things that won't change after ten years.MIL only found out last year that I do all the work round here.She phoned up all"surprised" "apologetic",but I thought well that's just the way we do it here.I rather get on with it than row over it.Nastiness is inexcusable though and you do need to make sure Andrew knows how hurtful that is and that you don't want things going the way they did before.Whatever the faults he sounds like one of the good guys and I'm sure he doesn't want that either.He is just a man however ,and if they're tired,sick,or not getting things there own way they can be childish.Andrew being out of work is probably adding to the stress because it's frustrating not being able to work when you want to.I don't know about you,but I do need some space.Unde r your feet all daythey do get on your nerves a bit,and I suppose it works both ways,and it's easy to have little digs,which easily turn into nasty big barneys.Try not to worry too much.From what you say you have a man who's left his family in favour of you and the children.He obviously loves you and most likely doesn't realise how much he's upsetting you
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