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Feeling soooo awful

I haven't posted in here since the summer when we started ttc, I found out on Christmas Eve that I was pregnant. I was so happy, but now I am 7 weeks pregnant I am feeling just terrible.
The morning/day/night sickness is unbearable, I feel so desperately unhappy now, it's such an awful thing to say as we wanted to be pregnant for so long. I spend all morning alternating between gagging into the toilet bowl, crying and then trying to sleep. Last night I was un every hour in the toilet, with 10-20 mins sleep in between. The worst thing is the nausea, I haven't actually been sick yet, but I know it is only going to get worse. This all started last weekend, and now I feel miserable. I hate being sick in anyway or ocassion so the thought of this lasting another few months or even worse, the entire pregnancy fills me with dread and I don't know if I can do it.
I know its going to get worse and I cannot stand the thought of eating anything - everything tastes so dry and horrible, I have been sipping lemonade, but normally I eat so healthily. Now I cannot stand any vegetables or anything except a little mashed potatoe and rice pudding. I keep brushing my teeth to try to feel better, but nothing seems to help.
It eases a little between about 12midday till teatime, but then the whole thing starts again.
I don't know if I can take anymore of this. It's hard to share my husbands joy in the pregnancy when I feel so dreadful. I hate to admit that I have even wondered if it is all worth it, I hate being sick so much and the thought of another 8 months of this makes me cry all morning long.
I don't really know why I am writing this, I know most people get MS but I just had to get it off my chest before another crying bout takes off.


  • hiya,

    what a lovely christmas present  image apart from the sickness of course, i totally understand what you are going through i lost weight in the first 12 weeks of my second pregnancy (im now 21wks)

    i couldnt eat a thing which is so not me!! i didnt think it would ever end i am just so thankful that im a full time mum and not a work. it did ease of at about 16wks

    if it is really bad i would go to the doctor because they can help but just take things easy and it will get easier.

    hope your feeling better soon xxx Emma

  • Hi Emma thanks for your reply,
    I have a doctor's appointment this evening, it was the first one I could get over the xmas period. I am going to talk to her then. I just don't know how I will cope with this for any longer, I am (and have always been) slim built anyway, and I hoped to put on weight for my baby, now I feel like I will loose weight instead, I don't want to do that as I am already only 7half stone. I just sit and cry all morning, thankfully I am not working at the moment as I just don't know how I would even be able to get up and into work without running to the bathroom every 2 minutes. I agree with you, I love food normally, and now I feel like I won't ever want to eat anything again. Everything repulses me, even my favourite foods.
    I have no energy to do anything and everytime I move I end up in a gagging fit cuddling the toilet. The poor dog has had no attention cos even he makes me gag! Poor thing.
    Thanks for your reply, x x x
  • I don't have any tips I am afraid Cherry, but didn't want to read and run. Hope you start to feel better soon.
    Pauline x
  • Poor you, one of my colleagues had really bad morning sickness with her pregnancy, and you will be relieved to hear that the doctors really can help with it if you are not able to eat at all.

    We got her on any drinks with sugar in, so apple juice was OK and seemed to stay down, so maybe you could try that? It does have a little more nutritional value than lemonade.

    Also, although my sickness was not as bad as yours sounds, I am now at 15 weeks pg and it has pretty much disappeared.  It's very rare that it continues throughout the whole pg, don't worry!

    Hope you get through this tough stage soon x

  • Hi,Cherry.Sorry to hear you're feeling so ill.Sometimes morning sickness can be severe,but it does usually wear off after the first three months or so.The usual things that might help are things like ginger tea,ginger biscuits.Dry foods.Toast.Digestives are quite good.You might not be able to keep any of that down.When your blood sugar levels are low that'll make you feel even more sick.If you are actually sick sometimes you feel better after.I found that with one of mine.I used to keep a supply of extra strong mints,partly for the high sugar level,I think the mint helps too.Worked for me.
    I hate being sick,but with most of mine it's just been nausea.The nausea is not nice ,even if you're not actually being sick.
    Hope you can find something you can eat,and I hope you get a break from this soon.Idid used to find some days were better than others
    If it goes on,go and see your doctor.They can help.It's very rare that it carries on right through pregnancy
  • hi cherry,

    i suffered with horrendous nausea with my son and sealegs travel sickness wristbands were fantastic. also eating something before getting up even if its a couple of biscuits helped.

    Also when out and about, same as jo, mints were great, mine were tictacs and polos though!

    hope you feel better soon xxx

  • oh yea agree with laura mints are great for sickness and heartburn

    how did it go at the doctors?

    hope you are well xxx

  • hi cherry, congratulations on your pregnancy.. sorry to hear you're feeling so rough, as the others have said it's rare that it continues for the whole pregnancy, and usually after 12 weeks you begin to feel a lot better. i found the travel sickness bands worked, and so did eating little snacks all through the day..

    being pregnant has it's ups and downs, i remembered my pg with Ben as being wonderful, but you forget as soon as they're born how difficult things are sometimes.. i'm 31 weeks now and finding working with a bump quite tough, but it is all worth it in the end!

  • Hello, thank you all so much for your words of support, they have really helped!
    Well I went to the doctor after a pretty horrific day of gagging and being sick, she said I looked pretty green. Thankfully she prescribed some tablets as she didn't want to have to send me into a&e on a drip. I have had a pretty rough few weeks so far. The tablets seem to help and I also wear seabands 24/7 - the only time they come of is in the shower!
    I have managed to stick mostly to toast and honey or toast and jam, it seems to stay down, but I'm getting fed up of feeling so miserable and ill! I always feel so weak and cannot seem to get the energy to do anything around the house. This is the first time I have been online since I wrote my first post. My husband has been great but I think he is finding it hard with me being so ill and him having to do everything. The nausea and gagging is still horrific, and I need to have all the windows open (my husband is freezing now as we live in the North and its already pretty freezing without the windows being open!) The worst is the smells in the house - the kitchen is a particularly bad gag zone, especially in the mornings. I cannot seem to go in there without having to run straight out and into the loo - I have to open all the windows and door and go back 20mins later.
    I'm finding it all really hard now, and feeling so miserable. I hate feeling ill, and I'm scared about the rest of the pregnancy now and if I will cope with it all. The doctor said it should go by 3 months, and I am praying it does, I feel like I will never eat again, or at least enjoy it. I was so looking forward to getting pregnant and I hate to admit so far I have found it all pretty miserable and wonder if the baby will pick up on my feelings, so I feel guilty too. Everyone else is so pleased about it, but I feel just terrible 24/7.
    Thanks again for all your advice and support x x
  • so sorry to hear ur having a hard time with the sickness, i suffered really bad at the beginning with my pregnancy i was off work for nearly a month and even when i went back i was always sick in the toilets at least once a night. i took some pregnancy vitamins in the mornings whilst i was being sick alot it made me feel a bit better knowing the baby was still getting some goodness from me! i hope u feel better soon i'm sure the baby wont pick up on ur sadness its just happy 2b growing in u! keep smiling x x x
  • i found eating marmite on toast really helped with my sickness? i ate it all day.. try it xx
  • I found marmite on toast helped too.Forgotten about that.With Harry the nausea was worst,he was the first,and cos I was working I used to take a marmite sandwich for mid morning too.Hope you feel better soon.
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