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Think I'll never get there...

Well at least AF regulated itself and seems to be having normal length cycles and pretty sure I ovulated yesterday (pee'd on stick) and yes we bd yesterday and the day before. Thing is that Nathan is having so much trouble getting paid as company he subs for is having financial difficulties. I am worried all this stress will stop me from conceiving! Arghhhhh what to do!
Pauline x


  • Hi P

    Glad things are on an even key in AF terms. Sorry to hear things are stressfull at the mo.Hope your able to de-stress and not worry to much.

    All the best.x

  • sorry to hear you're sounding so stressed.. don't want to sound negative but is now a good time to ttc if your oh is having problems getting paid?? maybe subconsciously your body is trying to tell you something? (not that i can talk as we're pretty broke and this baby is well on it's way now!).

    hope you get some better news soon xx

  • Lucy,
    This is the first month that he has experienced difficulties in being paid so I don't think that has anything to do with difficulties in ttc. Also many people fall pg or have kids and they or their partners loose jobs etc. I have been made redundant three times already and Nathan twice so we wouldn't have had kids at all if we had thought like that. On the other hand we are not irresponsible and have always provided for our kids, paid our motgage etc. I think this is the first month that I have properly ovu after mc in Sept that's why additional worry is not appreciated this month. Maybe I shouldn't be have been under the illusion that this could be the month cos I appear to be ovu, setting myself up for another disappointment!
  • sorry pauline, was meaning to post back on here earlier to say is none of my business!! didn't mean to say you were being irresponsible at all.. have had a horrible day and was in a grumpy mood..

    hope that perhaps cos your ovulating normally again it will maybe kickstart next month and things will be better then. what does bd stand for?

    was probably speaking outloud my own thoughts as we've been having a few money worries recently. my cousin has been trying for the last 3 years so know how frustrating it must be ttc..

    hope he doesn't have probs being paid next month - must be a nightmare.

  • It is difficult Lucy as had mc (miscarriage) in Sept. Bd is baby dance (iykwim)
    My hubby sub contracts for 2 companies and it is the larger one of the two experiencing difficulties. I hope it gets sorted soon too.
  • If any of us sat down and studied our situations we'd probably all end up saying that it would never be the right time to have a baby.  I think you just have to go for it and hope for the best.  People do manage on very little, there is always help of some kind out there, and ultimately, your children will be there after all this financial stress has gone and you can give them what they want and not just what they need.

    It isn't easy if you can't concieve, it feels horrid when you see so many pregnant women around and you are not one of them, but keep on hoping.  Stay positive somehow, try and find the light in the darkness and we'll all keep our fingers crossed for you.

  • Thanks Nicolette image
  • Pauline know just what you mean about the money situation hun! The credit crunch is a nightmare, Sam is just getting busy again but hay is there ever a right time for kids? So glad you ovated hun that's a good sign that your body is back to normal and sure you'll get your bfp soon as you seem to have covered all bases XX
  • Glad to hear that Pauline, may also be joining you and bowing out of the ttc. We are going to have a chat about it tonight when James gets home. Am really upset about it all so know exactly how you feel as part of me would be devestated at stopping ttc but the other part of me is fed up of the upset when af arrives each month. We are thinking of giving up and me re-focusing on my career.
  • sorry to hear you guys are so down.. it must be very hard ttc, i know i was very impatient and was one of the lucky ones. maybe a break is what you need, as i guess it's easy for it to take over everything.

    still keeping fingers crossed xx

  • I do understand what you both mean Pauline and Cheryl about the upset of AF arriving.  I had that for so many months after my mc, and no matter how understanding and supportive your oh is, they just can't fully appreciate what you're going through.

    We had luck after we stopped ttc, and started "not preventing" a baby.  Essentially exactly the same thing but without the added pressure you put on yourself.

    I think that sometimes it's just easier when you are a bit more relaxed about it, but I do know it's almost impossible to achieve that!!

    Good luck with whatever you decide, but Cheryl if you do start focussing on your career don't take precautions - you never know when you might be surprised.....

  • you prob already know this and easier said than done, but try to ignor it and let nature take its course. Just enjoy one another and try not to think of the deed as just a way of having kids. Maybe plan a special Valentine meal and if you can get the pennies together book a hotel image
  • Pauline and Cheryl

    i know how you  b oth feel its 4 years to the day we have been ttc so am with you on that one its really  hard but dont give up

     you have both gave me some great advice in the passed  so please dont give up

    i cant right and tell you it gets easyer cuz it dont but as tim goes by you learn to cope better with  it i know some one who it took 14 years and now has a geouges little girls

    we will all get our turn some it just takes a little longer then others



  • Hi everybody. The struggle is real isnt it.  We've been trying since Decmember 2015 so 2.5 years. weve just had a referral so hopefully it'll get the ball rolling. My partner only has one testicle so feels it's him with the struggle. Never the less were in this together so it's OUR "challenge" I say to him. Hoping to have some good couple time when we go away and have 3 weeks off work and a 2 week holiday. His so erm results were not great but you never know. Has anyone had similar and been talked through sperm results? As the only thibg we've done is google them since picking them up? This next app is for me (no idea why) ibe already had scans done and I ovulate regularly and period is dead on tkme everytime. 

  • Hi everyone, just wanted to give you all some hope.

    im 31 I have a 10 year old son. 

    Me and my partner have been trying for 3 and a half years. We’ve had 1 etopic losing right fallopian tube and 1 miscarriage.

    weve had all the checks that all came back fine. And found ourselves at a complete loss, see everyone around us having babies. We didn’t know what to do. After researching on the internet we decided that I was going to take insositiol and choline and my partner would eat loads of pumpkin seeds, pineapple juice and take wellmans men’s conception tablets. And after 1 month of trying using these we are finally pregnant. After a very long 3 and a half years!!! 

    Give it a go. If it worked that quick for us you never know! 

    I wish all you all of the baby dust in the world!!!! Xxx

  • Lexall, I have heard about the insositiol and choline! Where did you buy it from? I will be getting the other half on pineapple juice haha!xx

  • Hi char you can get everything you need in Holland and Barrett. 

    And wellmens tablets And pumpkin seeds. I would swear by it all now. 

    Good luck!!!!

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