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Really bad day

Am now 34 weeks pg and had been intending working for another three weeks, but went in today and my bump was in agony all day.. I work as a junior doctor in my local hospital and it involves lots of standing and walking around, and I had been coping quite well, but for some reason after a weekend of rest, today was horrible.. image

i think i may have to go on maternity leave early, but just know it's going to be a nightmare with medical staffing and payroll sorting out my maternity pay.. and i had wanted to spend as much time with the baby as possible as am only taking 6 months off..

to make things worse i have a horrible cough and everytime i cough it makes me want to cry with pain.. and i feel quite feverish image feeling very sorry for myself!! sorry to moan at all of you, hope you all had a better day than me!

what do you guys think i should do?


  • Oh Lucy that sounds horrible.  Can you phone your midwife for advice?

    I know what you mean about having time off after the baby's born, but you won't do either of you any favours by working when you should be resting.

    You're not working those silly long shifts are you?  Do you have much of a break before you're next due in?



  • hi hun

    sorry u feel so rubbish i think u should start ur leave early. ur health and baby is more important i've learnt that. my last pregnancy i worked till 36 weeks and i felt so tired and ill by the end of it, thats why i finshed at 32weeks this time. my job involved alot of standing and walking around too and i swelled up something rotton coz i was on my feet all day (not fun i tell u!) if ur bump is sore it maybe a sign that u need a rest epsecialy since ur already ill with that horrible cough u've got. could u not go off sick for a week just 2get ur strength back and then try 2carry on?

    hope my advice helps u decide .i felt bad about not having as much time with the baby this time but i'm feeling so well at the mo and still running around with other three that its definately bin worthwile finshing so early

    hope u feel better soon

    love amy x x

  • Think I might give her a call if still feel like this tomorrow.. hopefully it's just cos I've picked up a virus which is making bump ache lots.

    Have managed to get out of oncalls so just working 9-5 at the moment, back in at 9am tomorrow.. And need to go in to get some assessments signed off with my Consultant as he's very busy and that was the only time he could do it.. image

    Just feeling sorry for myself, am sure will be alright in the morning!!

  • thanks amy, will see if i can maybe take a couple of days off after tomorrow.. then maybe i'll be able to carry on. i don't know how you manage looking after 3 little ones with a bump!! not surprised you needed to finish early.. not like you can get much rest at home though!

    had swollen ankles for the first time last week, not too bad today.. had a nap when i got in, and think i'm going to head upstairs now..

    sorry for moaning!

  • its ok 2moan it makes us all feel better when its off our chests!

    the little ones look after me well! i was at my mums and i fell asleep on the sofa and when i woke up my youngest belle had covered me up in her blanky and gave me a cushion! i was also surrounded by all of their bedtime teddies! it was so cute! my eldest jess has took 2taking out my empty cups and plates for me and milly and jess have started fill the tumble drier for too if i give them the wet clothes! i'm very lucky to have lovely little ones! x x

  • You're right to feel sorry for yourself, you can't take too much care at the moment.

    Try and take it easy tonight.  With my awful cough before Christmas I found that plain lemon juice with honey and boilng water was really good to sip at to reduce the couging spasms.  Or a nice teaspoon of Manuka honey if you have any.

    Hope you're feeling a bit better in the morning

  • Sorry to hear you're feeling so bad,Lucy.Can you get a couple of days off.Must be hard being on your feet all day,especially with a bad cough.Have you got anything you can take for that.If you don't want to take a real lemsip real honey and lemon works. I used to have a blackcurrant syrup from tescos that was good too.If you're feeling really rotten you have to just look after yourself.(Says me at home all day,sorry).I find hot(ish) baths with herbal type bubbles seem to help the aches,don't know if it's psychological as long as it works.Boots do a lavendar and camomile I think,least I hope they still do. I ran out
    A bump belt might be helpful if you need that support,there's also maternity support tights,if you really can't keep off your feet.It's not easy with your job.I know it's not what you wanted but if you have to finish earlier than planned your health is the important thing.
    Hope you feel better soon.Get lots of rest.
  • i find my bumb hurts if I walk or do to much. I think you body is telling you to rest. Its not like your taking maternity leave really early I now is a respectable time to leave
  • Hope your feeling better Lucy,hospitals are not a quiet place and i expect you dont get much time to yourself.Do yu have a particulat Dept your in(could you not nab a few mo's to rest even with breaks as i no they are rare to)my friend is a nurse and her hubby's a Dr and we dont get much time to chat either.

    Hope you work something out,take care.


  • Lucy, hope you are feeling a bit better today. If you feel you need to start mat leave now do it, I wish I had started my mat leave earlier with Bethany, I think I stopped at 36 weeks with Rowen.
    Pauline x
  • Luce, I've left you a note on MSN. Had no idea you were feeling this bad. Will be about anytime you want to chat. Just Text me if I'm not online. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • i had pains in my bump when pg with lola, after a long walk and jacks music class, you need to rest lucy!! hope your feeling better soon! take care xx
  • Really sorry to hear that you were not feeling very well yesterday - really hopping you feel better today x x
  • thanks everybody, sorry for sounding so wimpish, was absolutely fine until yesterday..didn't have any problems at all really..  i think i've come down with a virus or something as going all hot and cold and ache everywhere (but especially bump and back)..

    had to go in to work today, but going to take your advice and call in sick tomorrow to give myself a chance to recover.. if i still feel this bad at the end of the week i'll speak to occupational health.

    thank you so much for all your kind words and advice - think i might go and have a bath and see if that helps a bit.. not been able to sleep the last couple of nights because of coughing and being uncomfortable, but so tired today i reckon i should sleep through!

    amy - your little ones sound like little angels! that's so cute that they covered you in a blanket and surrounded you with teddies!

    i wonder how the mummy of octuplets feels today??!! that is a scary number of babies to look after all at once.. i feel silly for moaning compared to what she must be going through!

    hope you all had a good day, big hugs xx

  • Hi Lucy,glad your feeling better,even if you still have slight pain,maybe you need something like what caroline had(bump support)to help support you bump and take the weight of your back. Hope you manage to get your day of and go see OH as well,hopefuly they can help.
  • Hi Lucy,

    How are you feeling now? Please put yourself and baby first, afterall you would rather go on mat leave by choice and not be forced to on medical grounds.

    Take care, xx

  • hi lucy

    hope ur feeling better today and got some well needed rest! x x

  • thank you! had a lovely day off yesterday, and amazingly shawn had the day off too.. so we bummed around while ben went to nursery and spent most of the day on the sofa watching dvds or rubbish on telly!

    apart from shivering and sweating through the night and not sleeping much at the moment, i felt a lot better today and managed at work quite well.. walking is almost back to normal, just can't bend as much as before!!

    thanks for all your support guys, feel an idiot for moaning so much the other day - everything just got on top of me, but back to normal now.. hope you are all okay xx

  • Glad to hear you're feeling better,Lucy.Must be awful to have to do a whole day's work,on your feet all day,feeling like that.
  • Nice to hear your feeling better Lucy,you shouldnt feel silly for having a winge,we all need one sometime.Hope you continue to go ok and can go as far along as you want to have a good time of for mat leave.

    Take care.


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