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Any budding writers....

Iam looking for people who have written blogs or articles 'or who would like to' on any aspect of parenting. I have a section on my website where i publish parenting blogs written by ordinary mums and dads, so if anyone is interested and would like to give it a go, just contact me.


  • hi jackie

     i've just started a blog commenting on my life with 4girls under 4 your welcome to take a look at what i've got to talk about at

    amy x

  • Hi amy, i've read your blogs. If you would like to publish one of them on my website let me know and i'll do the rest. i'll publish your name as the writer and post a link to your blogs at                         

    get in touch x

  • hi jackie

    i would love to publish one on your website whichever one you want to use that would suit your section. i'll pm my email address to you. thank u very much for your interest x x

  • I honestly do not know much about writing but I can suggest you where you can get help from its called studymoose Youtube , you can directly go on this site and approach for the articles or blog to get published on your website though
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