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The love affair has ended

Well girls,sad day here,the love affair with Phil&Teds is over-officially.image

Had flat tyre this avo-and by god did I struggle home,front tyre inner tube is dead-and now big fella is in kitchen trying yet again to repair it-without joy.

Looking like  new wheel or,going to my ma's picking up the beast of a silvercross and using that with a buggy board for Tomimage

I'm gutted. All the slime gunk was everywhere-what the hell happened???? I don't even think there was glass anywhere,and I haven't run over anything-think it's just given up the ghost with the weight of those chunky boys!!!!!!

The search for perfect buggy continues................


  • Can you get spares somewhere?Even if you have to buy newHave to say flat tyre is what puts me off anything with tyres.
  • halfords is the best place to go rach cost about £12 for a new inner tube with dr sludge and fitted by handsome bloke hehe, they have the special ones with a bent valve.

    You will love it again when its running smoothly, My mums 3 wheeler got a puncture from a thorn, she never found it bloke at halfords could tell!

  • Big fella has repaired it-so maybe I can fall in love again-you're right tho Jo,the price I paid I should buy a new wheel,it'd still be cheaper than new!!!!

    God it was heavy tho-my arms were sore-walked 2 mile like that!!!!!!!!!

    Reminded me of the time I bought 2 huge boxes of persil and put them on tandem to walk miles!!!!!!image

  • glad its running again rach!!!

    *touch wood* ive never had a flat in two years, ive always had proper tyre buggys, love them, loola has normal buggy wheels, nice but cant hack 'proper' walking! and it seems heavier when its not iyswim!

  • Quick update-the phil&teds is officially not my friend,and hence it has to leave my company.

    Damn thing-yet another 2 flats,over 2miles from homeimage goodbye P&T ,we had fun,but let's face it you've let me downimage

    He He now I need another buggy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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