The slippery slope to becoming an addict!

Today jack saw his first episode of....

Thomas and friends....

by lunch time id re-wound milkshake so many times the sky box froze.

By 3pm we were in town looking for a dvd

By 3.30 jack was pondering over the 6 titles that were only £4

by 7pm wed watched said dvd 3 times!!!

Hes in love, and so it begins!



  • Im going through it all over again with little Andrew!  Connor was besotted with Thomas when he was littler (although he still likes it-just dont tell his friends!).  And now Andrew is going through it, we have all the old Thomas dvd's out, my living room floor is a mini Sodor Island with a maze of track and trains-3 seperate sets of the stuff(take along, lego and smart track stuff).  And we even went to Thomas land last week!   image See what you have to look forward to???Lol!  I constantly have Thomas songs in my head which is not always a good thing.  not yet at the stage my partner is however and singing them in public (honest!)

    The good thing about his wee obsession however, is that he has started to talk more.  He is now  2y.o and is pretty much silent when the big two are around but when Thomas is on he is a wee chatterbox, so I guess it isnt all bad.

  • Lol-look out Lau-that's it now,you have to get the books,learn who's who!!!!

    Actually I could go on mastermind with Thomas as my specialist subject!!!!! BTW Harold is my fave-purely cos he's not an engine,but out of the engines I like Spencer!!!!!

    Tom knows them all,we have the welsh books tooimage Tomos-y-tanc!!!!!! He has duvt cover and posters everywhere too,and you know like Lynne I've been to Thomas land!!!!! Hehe so it begins.......

    My fave song is we are the narrow gate engines(think that's on dvd called engines and escapades)!!!!!

  • oh i hope it makes him talk more, that would be a huge bonus!!!

    Now rachel, who has the duvet cover???image

    I just feel really sorry for toby, in the theme song, 'well lets say hes square' like theres nothing better to say about the poor thing!! 

    I like spencer, he came out when my cousin was an addict, and he was his favourite, a bit flash isnt he!

    Jack has a few books and a harold and a thomas, think its time i found them and had them out for the morning!

    Good thing is my cousins are 8 and 6 and soo over thomas, its all star wars, ben 10 and dr who now, so im hoping well inherit some stuff they had a whole bedroom set etc!

  • It's a nice obsession.We have the dvds,the duvet set,the Thomas Big Loader(lots of fun for Mummies too that one),rollerskate set,scooter,some books,the trains.I'm a mean cheapskate and bought the ELC tracks,cos they fit the Thomas trains,they're just cheaper.

    Just one thing though,they do grow out of it.Arthur hasn't touched his Thomas things for ages now,even though at 2 he was a huge,huge fanimage.Don't spend an absolute fortune.

  • Ironic thing is we live five minutes from Thomas Land and my boys have never been interested in Thomas
  • Ive learnt my lesson with getting too much stuff, alot of in the night garden stuff is ignored, he still watches it and loves his bed etc but isnt obsessed, he does have cranky for his train set, he doesnt know who he is but thats his favourite part of the train set in elc and he plays with him daily, ill see what he likes and i think hell get enough handed down that i wont need to worry!

    I really want to go to thomas land it looks so cool!

  • Hope Merlin into Thomas then Jo-or I shall be tempted to make you an offer on that lot!!!!!

    The only thing Tom has everything of is the books-I love books and want them to inherit my love of reading!!!! But my ma bought them all,it gives her lunch hour a whole new meaning racing round waterstones to tick off her list!!!!!!!!

  • Whirly's already claimed them I'm afraid,Rach.Not sure we quite have the idea.Ifound Gordon,James and Thomas asleep in the dolly's pramimageDon't recall that episode
  • aww, bless, my sisters thomas lived in amongst her polly pockets, still does i think!

    Very cute new pic of merlin^ x

  • Oh I'm just pleased they're loved!!!! Must be handy to pass toys down,my mum will be gutted if Jc into trains too,shopping for the boys gives her life a purpose!!!image
  • We struggle every Christmas,we have so many toys handed down now,we have at least one of everything,so hard to find new ideas.Then my Mum wants to know what to get them,and my sisters.Our playroom's like a toy shop.

    Before my Dad retired my Mum was always shopping for the children,it was mainly clothes with her.She still does from time to time,but I had to say to her there's only so many clothes they can wear,no matter how nice they are.

  • im having enough trouble finding ideas for lola!

    cant imagine what you do for ideas with more, let alone space to put them, weve just stuck to basics, were getting her a ride on, someone a rocker, a pram and grams a little people set, and then ive said clothes or vouchers for some outdoor toys in summer!

    My aunt has 4 and she said as much as she dislikes there consoles and love of dvds its a bit of a relief for the space situation!

  • Yep,I hate the consoles,but the games take up so little space,and they're occupiedfor hours.Alot of this years presents will be the wii and the bits for that,and Harry's having the kit to set his 360 up online.

    Of course Merlin's got the biggest present for the smallest person,he's having the Leapfrog Learn&Groove.Thinking of giving it to him early.He's already old enough to go in it.Want to make sure he gets lots of use of it.

    Already know Arwen's getting an ironing board,iron and washing line from MIL.Problem is we bought her a Rose Petal Cottage one last year for Christmas.She's only had that out since we moved in this house cos of space,so we won't be getting rid of that.SIL told her before she got it we already had one,but no MIL knew better,said the other one was Erin's,SIL would know ,she's here every weekend.Just wish she'd check first what they have/would like.Not sure what to do about that,cos I'm not supposed to know,and hope the children can be a little more polite/tactful than they were last year

    We're lucky to have the extra room just for toys.I have to sort itagain,it spends most of the time looking like a giant toy box,no one can get in,and I found the toys scattered all over the house. 

  • I bet that room is a god send for you!!!!!

    I really struggle for ideas,as they are so close in age,and seem to both adore trains and cars. Can't imagine how you cope Joimage

    Must sort through our toys as some are quite babyish now,but can't get rid still want more!!! Have to sort out the attic and box them up I think. I hate it when relatives don't ask-but it's hard enough thinking what your'e going to get them yourself without thinking for others too.

    We weren't asked by Sil last year or indeed my own brother cue 3 fire engines,all almost identicalimage But al with a different slighty more annoying siren!!!!! Have managed to put 1 upstairs,break 1 and keep the other in living room.

  • we have that, sil is sulking majorly because we mentioned we were getting jack a mini micro for christmas and she wanted to get him a bob scooter, yes daddys a builder but jack doesnt like bob!!!! he loves the vehicles because thats all they are to him, and roo said, he doesnt like bob and tough anyway we are getting him a specific one, cue a sulk!

    OOOOh jo!!! the learn and groove is possibly the BEST thing ive ever brought, It was the only thing that made lola happy and its still going strong not used daily but dead handy when i need to cook or go upstairs for 2 seconds without her climbing the stairs, oh its just a blooming brilliant toy!!! she was in it from around 3-4mnths i think!

    BUT you will find yourself singing baba do ah, or sing it baby alll the time because the microphones really sensitive! 

  • Baba do ah sounds good to me.

    Can't stop long tonight.Spent all day sorting the playroom,really getting somewhere.Had filled all the new shelvesmy Dad's put up in the cupboard.It's one of those Victorian cupboards in the alcove one side of the fireplace,the top has glass panel doors.Stupid me,something was very slightly too wide for the shelf andI hadn't noticed.AsI shut the door it smashed.I've just spent an hour smashing out the old glass,I think it's as old as the house and so was the putty holding it in,it had just got layers and layers of paint.Got to go and clear all that upin a minute,just having my tea.

    Aaaarggghhh!It was all going so wellimage

  • oh no!!!

    thats the kinda thing wed end up doing! i hope other than that the organisings going well, i really need to do a goos sort out!

  • Bless ya Jo-all you needed. Hope it gets sorted soon,you were doing well x
  • hello there!!

    i'm pretty new here, hope am not intruding...... just read that a few of you had been to thomas land and just wondered if it was any good..... think of taking my two boys there in the next few weeks (the magical christmas starts at the end of Nov) my oldest (just over two and a half) is too a mad thomas fan!!

    we've done the day out with thomas (at the railway) which he loved!!!

  • Thomas land is fab!! imageIt is the best money on a day out I have spent in a long time!  I also thought all the food outlets and stuff and even the shop with all the Thomas bits in were pretty reasonably priced also, which is really unusual IME.  My three loved it, they are aged 5, 4 and 2, and they all managed to get on all the rides they wanted.  They have restrictions on some of the rides but so long as they are with an adult, the kids get on pretty much everything.  You should check out the Drayton Manor website.  Its got the price list and all the rides on it.

    Our tickets got us entry for everything-Thomasland, the main park itself and the zoo too, so really good value.  We are hoping to go back next summer if we get our pennies saved up (we live in Scotland so its a bit of a trek and an expemsive one at that!) and maybe actually stay a few days instead of just a couple.  Mummabear has been to, so she can maybe tell you a wee bit more about it too.image

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