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i finally made lollys birthday cake for the family meal tomorrow!


  • Well done,that's really good.image
  • That is really good-just a pity its gonna get eaten!  Its very impressive-how long did it take you?
  • roo did the sponge as i always do it all so he wanted some credit, decorating took about half hour! without the time i took dyeing the icing for the letters and castle.

    i made pink buttercream for the middle so it looked nice cut too!

    I do cheat a bit and buy the ready rolled white icing, still a bit tricky getting it flat all over!

    thanks for the nice comments! image

  • what a beautiful birthday cake image
  • Wish I lived nearer to pinch a sliceimage I see a cottage industry growing from this cake making Lau!!!!
  • its a yummy cake, im enjoying whats left now!

    id love to make a business of it, but i find it soooo stressfull, im a complete perfectionist and couldnt handle the pressure of it being for someone else!

  • It is so worth the effort.That looks professional.I always buy the ready roll too.

    I have to do a cake Sunday for Whirly,but it won't be that fancy.She's just asked for pink

  • ah thats sweet! happy birthday for then whirly xxx

    ready rolled is the best invention, jacks cake was a rectangle and i could only find round ready rolled so had to roll a block of icing out, worst job in the world! well maybe second worst to dying the blooming stuff!

  • Aww Tom asked for a pink cake too!!!!!

    I'm thinking little fairy cake size with pink butter cream on top???

  • my friend did a stack of fairy cakes for a birthday cake, it looked brilliant! x
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