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I got a new job!

I found out today that I have an xmas temp job (could be longer) at my friends store. its a CEX shop...or as my mum has been saying to all her work friends "Corrine is going for an interview at a PROPER SEX SHOP! not ann summers but a proper SEX SHOP" matter how many times I explained to her that it WASNT a sex shop but a cex shop (spelling entertainment xchange) and just a play on words (must have been crated by a man)...

Soooo they know im pregnant since manager is my friend...ex in fact but years ago and we only kissed and nothing more....haha. to tackle the hunger issue! Im eating...nearly all day thanks to Baby Jones...are you allowed to eat when working at a store if pregnant....when to break the news that I have my 16 week midwife appoitment a week before I do it tomorrow when I have to go in to discuss hours or wait until a week before?

 GAH im nervous! im used to working in child care and in a nursery, this will be strange going back into the sellsellsell world!




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