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sleep - pregnancy pillow?

Can anyone recommend a pregnancy pillow?  I have heard they are good to help with lack of sleep in the later stages ... 


  • the best pillow ive had, still have is the v pillow from argos. two when pregnant were a complete god send, and the argos one was just so perfect after trying several id been lent and not ever been just right.

    also great for feeding baby afterwards, and when they practice sitting, best buy, deffinatly!

    Argos v pillow

  • If you really value your sleep, believe me,  there is no other choice but the dreamgenii pillow. I have tried everything and my friend recommended it to me after weeks of exhaustion and I have not looked back
  • Yes check out this is a fab pillow really compact and it actually prevents back ache and is a medical device recommended by the MHRA
  • the widgy by the is brilliant! for pregnancy and then nursing or baby to sit up in or tummy time
  • Oooh, I loved my really simple V pillow from Dunelm Mill! It was about £6 for the pillow, £2.99 for the cover, and it's still going strong. I used it to cushion my ma-hoo-sive bump in bed, and for a breastfeeding support.

    I was bought a DreamGenii and it was very cushioning, but I hated having anything on my back (strange lady!) so couldn't get comfortable in bed. However, after the birth it was the most fantastic breastfeeding pillow. I kept it in the lounge and sitting on the sofa with it wrapped around me and across my lap was just brilliant.
  • I bought a hige v-shaped pillow for myself. Its great for my back especially during pregnancy and after I had my little one. I initially bought a cheap one but that was low quality, then I bought one from which has proven to be value for money. 

     The v-shaped pillow really helps in terms of feeding and for my neck. I think every woman should have it.

     Niki xxx

  • I had a simple V pillow too, really useful for when expecting and feeding the baby afterwards! X
  • i always recommend the dreamgenii one to pregnant friends as it worked brilliantly for me - plus has the bonus of encouraging baby into a good birth position image
  • i got one from a betterware catalouge i got through my door and its amazing! imagex

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