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going from 2 to 3

Hi i've got two children (almost 4 and 18 months). My hubby and i are both really broody and want another baby (been going on 6 months so not just a off the cuff remark)

I was wondering how everyone found it going from 2 to 3. I'm worried about my 2 children, whether it would 'damage' them. (i'm an only child and never wanted that for my children but not sure if my want for a child is fair on my other children. They'd have to share a room and obviously presents and things would be lower not a bad thing they are spoilt (but nice).

I suppose i'm just asking for people's advice really as we really want another child but worry about the negative impact on our family. If that makes sense!

Many Thanks



  • I didn't want to read and run.

    I am due #3 in 5 weeks, so as yet I haven't gone from two to three yet. All I know is I tried for 3 years to tell myself that 2 children was perfect, they fitted the house we have, the car we have, we could provide for them, etc, etc, etc.

    But in the end I told my husband how I felt, which was the feeling was only getting stronger, and he said he'd like 3 aswell, so we went for it!!

    Anyone in this forum will tell you 3 or 4, even 5 or 6 is great, and will advise you on all the wonderful readons haveing more than 2 is great. Ultimately only you and your husband can decide.

    Good luck in you decision making, I have a feeling you will decide 3 is the magic number!! image
  • I know how you feel, i found out on new years day that im expecting my 3rd child (i have a 9 year old girl and a my boy will be 3 next month.) And i was shocked! I was like thinking how can we do it,are they going to sufer less xmas pressies, not always getting little extras when were out and about ( i cant help myself) where will they sleep,who will share the bedroom,can we cope financially. But i spoke to my grandad who said theres a lot of love in your house you just have to look at you children to know that!! Money doesnt buy that. And there is always away around the sleeping arrangements. I sat back and thought yes your right. We can do it and the baby will be loved just like my other 2.

    We are so happy now and even more so now i have seen hb.

    Sorry for long essay!!

  • Hi Charlotte I have 2 daughters and we have been ttc no3 for 3 months.

    I had all the same worries as you and sometimes I do still wonder if we'll cope financially but ever since having my 2nd I have wanted to do it all over again.

    My h2b and I would discuss it and think theres no way we can do it again. all the while my feelings were getting stronger and I came to the decision that if we didnt go for it I would regret it later on in life, i dont want that. And as im a young mum I dont want to do it again as an older mum.

    We are very broody now and cant wait to expand our brood lol
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