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What do you cook in your slow cooker ?

I am getting a slow cooker at the weekend and being a bit of a novice in the cooking department i'm hoping it'll help me cook more varied meals outside of pasta and whatever I can take out a box and shove in the oven.

So do any of you lovely ladies have any yummy, easy, non faffy receipes you can provide me with ? I dont want anything needing dozens of ingredients just simple and easy (and prefereably an idiots guide)

Thanks ladies ! image


  • I'm g/c here as we're not at toddler stage yet, but we love our slow cooker, it's probably one of the best things we bought!

    We mostly do cassaroles - lamb, beef, chicken, sausage - what ever we have really. You pop in the meat with your choice of veg, again we use whatever we have in, use a packet of sauce mix (like colmans, supermarket own brand etc), fill up with water and then cook for 6-8 hours. Serve with warmed crusty bread. We find that if we fill it right up we can get four meals out of it, so we freeze the leftovers to use as a microwave meal at a later date.

    We also do chilli con carne - minced beef, onion, chillis, garlic, peppers, kidney beans, black pepper, mixed herbs, two tins of chopped tomatoes, tomato puree, dash of worcester sauce and cooked for 6-8 hours and then served with rice. And again we freeze the leftovers.

    Maenad over in baby has a wicked recipe for curry.

    Mmm, it's making me hungry!
  • missy how do you make your curry, could i do it with chicken??
  • I made beef and tomato casserole last night.

    Diced beef,red peppers,onion,tomato puree and passata.

    Brown the beef first then put everything in the slow cooker and cook for either 4 hrs on high or 8 hrs on low!

    My lo,18 months,loved it!!
  • Rub a chicken with herbs of your choice and put in the slow cooker on low for around 10/12 hours. It is delicious and just falls off the bone...yum yum.
  • i have used my slow cooker quite a few times, but the casseroles always seem a bit watery, and not rich thick gravy like my mums! what am doing wrong? do you add flour to thicken or am i just a crap cook???? i thought slow cookers were idiot i just the exception to the rule ??? image
  • @ raffertysmum, I know what you mean! I found you don't need nearly as much liquid or stock or whatever as if you were cooking on the oven or hob. I think it's because the slow cooker lid has a seal so none of the steam escapes (one of the reasons it's so healthy). If after reducing how much liquid you put in it's still too thin just add some cornflour mixed with cold water.

    Also I never bother browning meat or softening veg in a saucepan first, the whole point for me is that it's really quick to bung everything in and less washing up. It still comes out beautifully so it's not necessary plus you don't need the oil. But I always add things like beans just for the last half hour so they don't disintegrate

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