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The Insane Gang - new meeting place

Hi all,

As discussed, a trial of a new place to meet away from the TTC board. If it doesn't work out as well I'm sure we can find somewhere else to hang out!

Just carrying on the chat from the old thread...

Mrs*me*, I agree with what a couple of the others have said about using leave as and when you need it... if one week you really are getting very tired at work, then it might be a good time to take a day off, but maybe not doing every day as a 4 day week if not really necessary would mean you end up with more leave at the end to have longer off as a block before the baby arrives.

I'm mostly doing 5 day weeks until I finish (in 6 weeks, yay!) but I have a couple of 4 day weeks during that time becuase of things I need to get done on weekdays, and I think they will really help as I can have a bit of a lie-in etc. Fingers crossed you won't suffer too badly with tiredness - just try and have lots of early nights if you can, and don't try to do too much after work when you get home. I think that's where I've been going wrong - trying to carry on as normal and not realising I need to rest a bit more!

I don't think it's too early to start looking at prams at all - in fact, you might want to check with your local shops how long ordering one takes, as if the shop has to order it in themselves it can sometimes take 6-8 weeks from paying for it to actually getting it! I ordered mine (just by putting a ??50 deposit down) at about 25 weeks I think, and it should be getting delivered in February sometime. No harm at all in looking early, as choosing one can be VERY complicated - there are so many types out there! I must have spent 3 or 4 days online reading up about all the different types before I finally chose one. I'm very excited about it arriving soon so I can have a play with it!

Susiee, that is exactly the same problem I have with sleeping - I fall asleep fine, but normally wake up quite a few times to go to the loo, and once it gets to about 3-4am I just don't go back to sleep properly again. The other night I woke up at 2:30 to pee and that was it - I only really dozed on and off for the rest of the night. Very annoying and it leaves me soooo tired the next day! If only I had Jen's bladder of steel! :lol:

Jen, I'm sorry your scar wound has come open a bit - especially when you are looking forward to a celebratory drink too! Hubby and I were talking about getting a bottle of bubbly for when the baby's born - although I guess he'll have to drink most of it if I'm breastfeeding (although I'm assured a little bit is ok as long as it's not just before a feed - woo hoo!) I haven't really missed drinking at all while I've been pregnant, but I do like the idea of a little glass of something fizzy to celebrate our new arrival with!

Sorry you've been feeling a bit down and I hope the antibiotics aren't making you feel unwell - they never seem to agree with me at all! I really hope the blues pass quickly and you are back to your happy self soon. How are your elder daughters finding life with a new baby in the house?

I'm 31 weeks tomorrow! In some ways 9 weeks left seems like an eternity and it others it seems like no time at all. This month should be a busy one though - we're cot shopping next weekend, hopefully picking up our pram at some point and starting antenatal classes soon too... With all that going on, I guess Feb may well pass pretty quickly.

Susiee, I was browsing in DIM earlier (I sometimes have a sneaky look because I'm due so early in April that I could easily be in March myself) and noticed that you had a thread about your baby possibly being back to back. I will be very interested in your efforts to turn him/her around, as I have heard that because my placenta is at the front it makes it more likely for me to have a back to back baby (they like to face the placenta apparently).

The midwife has never been able to tell which way mine is facing so far, but I do sometimes feel movement at the front so I wouldn't me surprised if it's facing out at the moment, although I know they can still move fairly easily at this stage. I'm trying very hard to not slouch etc. and to sit nice and upright / leaning forwards to encourage it into the right position (I know I don't even know if it is back to back - I'm just trying to get it used to sitting the right way round from as early as possible if I can!) Anyway, if I do end up in the same situation, as it seeems I may well, it would be intersting to compare methods! xx


  • lol thats a mammouth post tilty! hehe

    ok we bought the pram! hehe picking it up in may, i love love love it!!!!! it was 200 off, and the sale ended tody, so thought we would go for it!

    susie, thanks for the info, i think i will just try keep my hol as long as poss, my boss asked wen im thinking of taking my mat leave and i said 5 weeks before my edd, so its all coming together now image yay! think i will try save my hol for now, and as u say,m use it when i need it. i dont think thet will be too far away tbh!

    jen, ooo ouch! sounds sore, hope it sorts itself out soon! so u can have a nice glass of vino! baby blues, bless you! its so weird how the body/hormnes do that LOL. xxx

    tilty, yes i think im the same, i think thats why im so tired, ive been getting home from work, and trying to do what i used to do, before i was so ill anywas, so now im not r=feeling so sick, ive been cooking and then cleaning and washing up etc trying to do everything i used to do after work, but im starting to think thats probs why im so tired! we must chill out a bit!

    exciting news about the pram! enjoy playing! image and have fun cot shopping next week! image x x

    thanks for everyones help re: work, i will keep as i am for now, with the usual hours etc, and eep my hol for when i really need a day or two! sounds the best option, think i got a tad excite fo the thought of 4 day weeks! hehe. but may be a waste of al my remaining hol! so just when i need it will be best i think image

    hope everyone else is ok? x x x
  • just reporting in!

    will post proper later on

    Jen image xx
  • Hello all

    Found ya! Good idea to move it as it may be insensitive for the TTC girls.

    Mrs Me your pram is lovely and would you believe I clocked it in the summer when I happened to pop into mamas and papas for a gift for someone. Absolutely love it! I'm loving the bugaboo chamelion at the moment but to be honest, not properly looking yet for at least another few months.

    Jen, hope the baby blues disappear soon and that your scan heals (just enough so you can have a little tipple!).

    I'm probably not far enough along to advise on the maternity leave thing, but for me, I'd say I'll probably save as much holiday as possible until the end so you have more time off before the birth. I don't want to waste my maternity leave before the birth - I think I'd rather have more time after. But of course everyone is different and it depends on how your body feels!

    Susiee and Tilty, sorry about the sleeping issues, I can certinaly sympthaise. Sounds very much like me, I wake up on average of 4-5 times a night to pee and the last one usually keeps me awake way before my 6am alarm. Not pleasant, hope you're both finding a way to get lots of sleep in at other times.

    I've got my midwife appointment tomorrow which is good. Really hoping she will be able to reassure me about getting a scan in before my holiday - but I have a plan B to book privately if not. I've found somewhere round the corner from work and prices aren't too bad so I think it would be worth it if the NHS can't make it happen. Can I ask something (hopefully without seeming rude!) - did anyone have the nucal translucency measurement at 12 weeks? Not sure whether this is just something that 'older mums' (i.e. the over 35s) like me get offered or whether its standard for everyone. If so, can I ask what your risks were? I'm concerned about downs given my age and we've decided to take the diagnostic test if my risk were considered high. Did any of you have to make any decisions about this? Sorry - I don't want to offend folk by asking as I know some people prefer not to know. Anyway, advise appreciated.

  • hehe thanks T! i loved t too image may have to take the rosette off it we have a boy tho! hehe. best of luck with the mw, i had the nuceal scan, i think everyone in our area are ofered it, so we went for it yeah, takes about a min longer, the screen just goes all funny, hehe, its weird, and then they send u a letter about a week later saying 1 in however many chance etc? i wasnt really thinking to omuch about the results, i just thought it would be best to know, and prepare ourseleves if chances were slightly higher, i have an adopted cousin with downsyndrome, and luckily she has no heart conditions or anything which is great, but some do have major heart problems and other serious conditions, so i would say go for it? again, without meaning to offend anyone, altho im sure everyone will think the same? i think its best to be prepared for these things, specially if chances are higher than usual? u no?

    FAO: anyone who knows/used to/does still speak to princessA, shes now ttc, and posted in the ttc forum, so if anyone wanted to wish her good wishes? i just remember a few people being sad about her news, and would like to know that shes back. i only just saw the post! but anyways, thought u would like to know image x x x
  • Hiya ladies

    LadyT: I am 36 and as mrsme said everyone in (my area) is offered it and usually has it. I was worried as over 35 all the risks are greater but it tells you whether or not you need to have any further tests done so I think its good to have.

    Mrsme: oooh haven't checked your pram out yet but it sounds good! I love mama and papa's stuff too.

    Had bubba weighed today and she has gone up to 6lb 6oz! the little porker! all those 2 hourly feeds have certainly paid off so the tiredness is worth it!

    Some new piccys on fb for those of you you have missed them. Feeling slightly better so the antibiotics are working and will just have my champagne next week thats all!

    Jen x
  • Hey all

    Jen, so glad you're feeling a bit better, baby blues must be pretty rubbish. Caitlin is absolutely lovely, pictures are great on FB - love the one of your three girls together. The oldest looks happy too - I gather the troubles you had are behind you now? Hope so. Best she's a great help with the little one?

    Thanks both for the info on tests. Saw my midwife (who is absolutely lovely BTW) today and my mind has been put at rest. Already got my scan booked for the 24th of this month so am on the countdown already - need not have been worried about getting one in before my holiday. She rang up there and then to book me in - I guess the NHS have good a good system going on in good ol Derby! Wondering now whether to wait until the 24th to tell family as its not too far away, can't decide.

    I've been a bit worried these last few days because my 'hangover' type feelings have pretty much lifted and I'm starting to feel more normal again, less hungry and not really sick. Silly me started googling what it means when your pregnancy symptoms go at 8 weeks and the first post I got to was some women had a mc just after...god will somebody slap me!

    Anyway, hope everyone else is OK?

  • Hi everyone!

    Glad people have found the new thread ok and hope it's ok for everybody. Kernow and Susiee - hope you have you found us here?

    mrs*me* good work with the pram! I will have a look as soon as I have posted this. Your plan with work etc. sounds good too. I am definitely having to learn to rest a bit in the evenings which is kind of hard as I'm normally someone who likes to be doing things all the time, but I guess it's just necessary now!

    Thanks for mentioning that about PrincessA too, I remember her and will definitely find her and wish her well on the TTC board.

    LadyT, it sounds like you, me and Susiee are all having the same sleep / peeing issues! :lol: Not fun but I guess it's just practice for the fact that we will never sleep ever ever again (well, not for a while anyway!) once the babies are born!

    Whether or not the nuchal translucency test is offered depends on where you live - in many areas it's standard as part of the 12 week scan, but in Stirling it isn't yet, so I paid to have it done privately. I think the measurement was about 1.5mm and in combination with the blood test, my overall risk was about one in 30,000 or something like that. Hubby and I made the decision to have it done privately because if it said we were at high high risk we would have wanted an amnio test to find out for definite and make an informed choice about what to do from there.

    It's a very personal thing but from what you said it sounds like you are much like we were and would want a further test to find out for certain if the risks did come back as higher. I also found it a great reassurance when it came back low risk, so hopefully the same will be true for you too and it will be a weight off your mind.

    Try not to worry about symptoms coming and going - as I remember mine suddenly went away / eased off quite a few times and it always scared the life out of me. But in hindsight I should have just apprecaited the sick-free days, because everything always came back full force soon after! Some people's do just go away early though - everyone's so different. I know it's easier said than done but try not to google things / worry about it all because all it will do is stress you out when the chances are that everything's completely fine. I know what it's like though - I was just the same at first and worried about everything. Again, maybe just practice for the future as apparently the worry never stops now!

    Jen, I'm glad Caitlin is growing well, and really glad you are feeling a bit better too. Not long to wait now until you can enjoy your celebratory drink hopefully! I will have a look on fb and catch up with your new photos - you've posted some really lovely ones.

    Kernow and Susiee, hope you are both well and hope to hear from you soon.

    Nothing much to report from me - although my bump seems to have shrunk again?! I'm sure this isn't technically possible, but I wonder whether when it 'grew' I was actually just bloated or something, and that has gone down now, hence the apparent shrinkage. So I'm back to not looking nearly as far along as I am, boo! I have the midwife next week and am just crossing my fingers that eveything's measuring pretty much what it's meant to and not too small. I'm hoping she'll be able to tell me which way the baby's facing this time as well, as she hasn't been able to tell at any previous appts.

    Sorry for another mammoth post - I sometimes think I talk far too much! :lol:

    Speak to you all soon. xxx
  • hehe i do love the pram, i cant stop looking at it! admittedly it is rather 'team pink' lol. but we can always take the rosette off if we need to image

    jen, glad ur feeling a little better image ur daughters are all gorgeous! x x x

    ladyt, arrrgh! NO lol. dont worry! thats why i satyed away for a bit, i ket looking at threads where people had what i had, or similarr symptoms, or symptoms fading etc, and then freaking myself out! will be thinking of u on the 24th! woohoo! i would try wait til then? mind u, we couldnt! hehe, told the parents b4 the scan, but left everyone else til after x x x

    tilty, awww u shrunk again image i wonder if its the way the babe sometimes positions itself? maybe he/she is all curled up in a ball today! hehe, or bloating as u say? i seem to shrink when i go for a poop! haha.

    susie, aw it is lovely isnt it! thanks god for u gilrs and be! image what position is the babe in atm? and ur going for a homebirth? sounds lovely image

    i had a dream last night that all the 'insane gang' met up with all our babies! hehe how sweet! x x x
  • Hiya ladies

    Am feeling better - today is a good day so hopefully am on the up and up! The situation never got resolved with my eldest which is why I think have been feeling down so much but its something I can't do anything about so am trying to get past it

    LadyT: oooh the 24th thats not far away is it!!! we told close family straight away and everyone else after the scan - but its a personal thing so just do what you feel most comfortable with.

    Tilty: thanks for arranging the new thread.... when you say its shrunk, maybe you have dropped?? then it may just look smaller as the further away the smaller it looks if you get what I mean?? I shouldn't worry as if mw happy with the measuring it could just be baby laying different

    Susiee: when is your actual due date? I know you and Tilty are due in March I just can't remember when (baby brain lol) does baby just feel like its laying funny or do you know its breech/transverse?? Am so glad I had you guys to go through pregnancy and birth with as most of my friends have either got older kids or are not thinking about kids yet!

    Mrsme: pram is lovely! your 20 week scan is soon isn't it? are you still going to stay team yellow? I think it would be lovely to meet up with you all - although as we are all dotted around the british isles it may take some organising!

    Jen x
  • jen, hehe it was funny dream, we all met at alton towers! haha random considering we all had babies? 20 wek scan is one week on fri! woohoo! im excited! still staying team yellow yeah image glad ur feeling a bit better! as u say, onwards and upwards image x x x x
  • Morning ladies

    Jen, sounds like you're on the up - hopefully it continues and you get that much deserved bubbly! Sorry that the issues with your eldest aren't resolved but if its all beyond your control then you shouldn't let it get you down. You've done everything you can.

    Wow I can't believe both Susiee and Tilty are due next month. That's really come around very quickly. Susiee, liking the sound of your romantic weekend, Brighton sounds lovely (although I imagine a bit nippy this time of year brrr). Tilty, I'm sure your bump hasn't shrunk - probably lack of bloating or wind or something!

    Thanks everyone for info on nucal. It must be on my mind at the moment because I had a dream about it last night and my risk was really high (although the person that did the test was the mad scientist from independance day so I'm not taking this as a premonition or anything!).

    Felt crap yesterday so symptoms have returned! Yay! They seem to come back at night when I start to relax, when I'm keeping busy in the day I feel absolutely fine. Going to see Peter Kay tonight with my sister and hubby so think we might tell them over dinner and the folks at the weekend - or maybe I'll bottle it.

    Love to all,

  • hehe T, thats great! enjoy peter kay! and telling the folks! oo im excited for you! theyre gonna be soooo happy/suprised! hope u dont bottle it image hehe. r u nervous? LOL at the mad scientist dream! must of been playing on ur mind b4 u went to sleep? sucks that ur symptoms have come back, but its not so bd, if theyre just slight? and u seem pretty pleased they have come back lol so good al round image x x x x
  • Hi all - I found you!!

    Sorry I've not been on for ages but it is suprising how much time a little baby that theoretically sleeps a lot takes up! Also I was away for a few days.

    I haven't had a chance to read everyones posts properly yet so apologies if I've missed any big news (I will try to catch up later!)

    Jen as I've said on facebook Caitlin is gorgeous (sooo tiny!) how is it all going?

    Tilty and Susiee - sooo not long for you guys now, I'm strating to get very excited for you both!

    MrsMe - how are you feeling?

    LadyT - how did the mw's go? Has it sunk in yet? How are you feeling?

    Well I'm fine, definately feeling the effects of lack of sleep though! Noah was 4 weeks on wednesday and is now a very healthy and chunky 9lbs 2oz (he certainly likes his feeds!) He's doing well and is currently on my shoulder grabbing and pulling my hair (his new trick!). Just in the process of trying to decide what to do about returning to work (being a teacher I have to decide before timetabling starts in March).

    Anyway a really quick post as I have to walk the dogs now but I promise I will read all the previous posts and catch up properly later this evening xxxx
  • hiya ladies

    How is everyone??

    Kernow: nice to see you back! they are time consuming aren't they! Do you know what you will do about work yet?

    Tilty: hows it going with you? Hows your bump now has it grown again?

    Mrsme: Alton towers! thas a weird place to dream about! wonder what was going on in your head lol. Oooh am getting excited for you for your 20 week scan! well done for staying team yellow... I just had to know image make sure you post a piccy if you can

    Susiee:Brighton sounds lovely ... its good to do a last couply thing before bubba... good luck with the midwife and your hoe visit I hope bubba moves so that you get your home birth

    LadyT: how did the mw appt go?? did you tell people or bottle it??? How was Peter Kay? we are seeing him in April when he comes to london. Glad the symptoms have come back (in a good way!)

    Well am definately feeling better image so looks like the blues have gone yay have finished the antibiotics and am looking forward to opening that champangne tonight to finally celebrate Caitlin's birth! Jodie read to her earlier and it was so sweet to watch!

    Jason goes back to work tomorrow so looks like I haveto try and get organised or will still be in my nightie when he comes home from work :lol: which is not a good look also will be trying out the new double buggy either tomorrow or tuesday so am hoping this weather gets a bit nicer as don't fancy walking around in these gales!

    Hugs to everyone

    Jen xx
  • GRRRR just did a long post and it ate it!!!!!!!

    Now its there!!! poxy site will delete this one :x
  • Hi all!

    Susiee, how is everything going since you last posted? Is your baby still back to back? At least you still have a few weeks left so hopefully he/she will turn into a better postion soon... Will you still be able to have a homebirth if they stay that way round, or does it depend on your midwife and what they think? I really hope your to efforts to turn the baby help though and at your next check eveything will be as it's meant to be.

    I keep trying to feel which way round mine is but have given up as it always feels like it's lying across the way at the bottom (is the official term transverse / traverse?), which keeps worrying me as I know that isn't ideal! I also know I'm not in any way an expert though and am quite likely to be completely wrong, so I'm not trying to figure it out any more. I have my 32 week check at the midwife tomorrow and hopefully she'll be able to tell me... she's never been able to tell before, but you can definitely feel bits and pieces through the bump now so fingers crossed.

    mrs*me* your dream sounds good! It's a shame we all live soooo far away from each other or we could have arranged a get together once all the babies are here. But as we're spread out from the south of England all the way to central Scotland and everywhere in between that would be quite a challenge. You never know though - maybe one day! Alton Towers sounds fun!

    I'm pleased to report that my bump has grown again! I don't know what's going on with it. Maybe the apparent change in size was just bloat related - or perhaps your poo theory is right mrs*me* :lol: Jen, I don't think it has dropped at all - in fact, it's still getting higher - all I can think of is bloating / un-bloating or the baby changing position to explain the change in size? I'm a bit stumped about why it suddenly looked smaller but I'm glad I've grown again now. I'm acually starting to look quite far along now (it's about blimmin' time I did with only 8 weeks to go!)

    Jen, I'm really glad you're feeling better now. I guess the situation with your eldest can't have helped at what was an already tiring and emotional time... and the baby blues for a few days are quite common aren't they? It's great that you're feeling happy again and I hope you enjoy your well-earned glass of bubbly! Let us know how it goes down!

    LadyT, I'm glad your symptoms are back! Although I'm sorry you haven't been feeling great. It's a no-win situation isn't it?! If you have symptoms it's reassuring but you have to feel rubbish, and if they go you feel fine but get anxious! Hopefully after your scan etc. you'll be able to relax a bit.

    I know it's almost impossible not to worry, but try not to think too much about the nuchal tests etc. The odds really are that everything will be fine - it is in the vast majority of tests. I was the same as you and got myself really quite anxious about it, but if (as is by far the most likely thing) everything is normal it really is a lot of wasted time worrying, when you really need to be relaxing as much as possible at the moment. I'm actually a terrible hypocrite saying all that because I'm rubbish at practicing what I preach - I'm a terrible worrier myself! But (touch wood) all my worries so far have been completely unfounded, so I really shouldn't have bothered wasting my time with all the stress.

    Kernow, I'm glad all's well and Noah is feeding and growing so nicely! Although I'm sorry you're struggling with lack of sleep. I'm sure I'm going to find that part of things really tough as I'm never much use for anything if I'm tired. I guess you just somehow cope though? (she asks hopefully!) What are you thoughts on the work situation?

    I'm due right at the start of April (4th), so not quite March but it could easily happen in March, if that makes sense! I'm crossing fingers that bubs stays put until he/she is due though as I still have lot of things to get ready (although am getting fairly orgainised now, slowly but surely).

    I'm feeling pretty good and looking forward to my midwife appt. tomorrow and my first antenatal class this week! I still worry a bit about how little I feel the baby move, but that does just seem to be normal for me - it's not like it's suddenly decreased or anything. I'm hoping I'll get to hear a nice clear heartbeat tomorrow and that'll be enough to reassure me until my next appt image

    I hope everyone has a good week and I'll let you know how it all goes at the midwife! We're going cot shopping later this week too so I'll also let you know if I buy anything exciting!

    Take care and I'll speak to you all soon (or will maybe see you in mrs*me*'s next dream! xxx
  • Hello all

    Kernow - ah bless, you must be sooo knackered, but glad you got 5 mins to post, its good to know how you and Noah are doing. Hope the sleep deprivation situation improves soon - I hear some babies start sleeping through the night quite early, so fingers crossed that happens for you! Can't believe you have to make a decision about work so soon - what did you decide?

    Jen, hope you enjoyed the bubbly and had a proper chance to celebrate the birth. You'll certainly have your hands full when hubby goes back to work!!

    Tilty - yay for the ever increasing bump! All the best for your midwife appt tomorrow, I'm sure everything will be just fine.

    MrsM - how ya doing? Alton Towers is only about a 30 minute from me so perfect place for a reunion - haha! A logistical nightmare for everyone else though!!

    I've been a bit sneaky and booked a private scan for Thursday. I know its a bit extravagant, but because I don't feel particularly pregnant, I don't think I'll believe it until I see a heartbeat on the screen. I'm still booked in for my proper one on the 24th too. Do you know, I think at the back of my mind is the fact that a friend of mine was pregnant and by the time she got to her 12 wk scan the baby had miscarried but she didn't know it. Had I not heard of that happening to someone I know, I think I would feel better, but at the back of my mind I'm dreading getting there and something similar happening. Silly I know - Tilty, you're so right not to worry, but sometime you just can't help yourself!

    We did tell family over the weekend - everyone was totally shocked and surprised but delighted. Lots of hugs and tears (from mum and 'mum in law'). Peter Kay was excellent - it was Nottingham so of course a fight broke out in the audience which was hilarious and someone had to be escorted out of the building - he totally turned that around though into part of his routine.

    Right, tummy needs feeding so I'm signing out. Hope all is well xx
  • T, omg private scan! eeeek how exciting! best of luck for thursday!!!!! ha peter kay sounds awsome! and sooo glad u told the parents! they sound thrilled for u! hehe, hopefully when u see ur little babe on the screen it will all feel more real for u, even tho when i had mine, i still felt like it was someone elses tummy they were scanning! surely there couldnt possibly be an actual person inside me! hehe.

    tilty, yay! glad ur bump has come back again! i think ur right bloating etc maybe? lol. hope ur mw app goes well today image ur posts are always..without fail, the longest! lol chatterbox of the insane gang award goes to tilty! image 8 weeks left! thats mental! it doesnt seem too long ago when u got ur bfp! madness! all of a sudden time is going so fast! enjoy baby shopping!!!

    jen, so glad ur feeling better and the blues have gone! woohoo! hope u enjoyed ur champers? how r u healing now? is it getting better?

    kernow, wow 9lbs2! hes grown loads! bless! big decision about work, have u got any idea what ur gonna do yet? its such a hard choice! image so glad ur doing well tho! hope ur coping well with just u and noah in the day?

    hehe yeah my alton towers dream was pretty cool! just sucks that everyone is so spread out! my mum bought me, her, my step dad, my sisters, brother, me and hubs, all tickets to go to alton towers on the 1st april.... (she booked these after she found out i was preg) i must of been thinking about that, and B,E when i went to sleep that night? anyways, so all of us, 3 hour drive in the car.... me 7 months preg walking round alton towers! not my idea of fun really image i think i may have to pull out nearer the time? will see how i feel? how would the rest of u feel waking round a theme park all day at 7 months preg? not being able to do or go on anything? just coz im only 20 weeks now, im just trying to think of how i will cope? backache etc etc..... ?

    did nt have as nicer dream last night image i dreamt i went into labour at 6 months preg! scary! all of a sudden (its never bothered me b4) but ive started to worry a little about labour... im nervous! what if ur in tesco or something? what if i am in my car....? o god!!!

    scan on fridayy tho woohoo! so i will post a pic for u when im done, bit nevous about that aswell? not sure why! i think all of a sudden, im just a bundle of nervousness! stupid hormones! lol.

    hope everyone is well! its valentines weekend woohoo! i have a suprise weekend away in windsor planed for hubs, so hope he likes it! hope everyone has a lovely week! will be checkin in on thurs ladyt to see how u got on image x x x x x
  • Hi,

    LadyT, good work with the private scan! I'm sure you'll feel much better after seeing the little heart beating away - let us know what it's like and what you can see! Hopefully you will get a photo to take away too. I loved staring at mine after my 12 week scan just to remind myself that there really was something in there! Really glad your family were all so happy about the news too image

    mrs*me* this may actually be my first ever short (ish) post as I don't think there's as much to reply to this time!

    With regard to your Alton Iowers dilemma, I guess I'm 7 months ish at the moment and I think I might find a long day like that pretty tiring... especially as it's a combination of a long drive as well as being on your feet for ages. I suppose you could find places to sit down etc, but personally if it was me I might be tempted to give it a miss (especially as you won't be able to go on all the fun stuff!) Maybe just play it by ear and see how you feel nearer the time... But it definitey is easy to over-do it later on and end up really tired out (at least, that's how I find it!)

    All was well at the appt. today - I was wrong about the baby being traverse, but it is still breech rather that nicely head down. The midwife said not to worry though as there's still plenty of time for it to turn yet. She gave me a leaflet with various things I can try, like going on all fours and watching TV leaning forward over a birth ball / beanbag. I might look a bit silly, but am willing to give it a try if it might work!

    Think that's all my news for today... Hope everyone's well though and speak again soon! xxx
  • Just wanted to wish LadyT good luck with her scan tomorrow

    Jen xx image
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