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Rainy Day activities

Hello mums – I was having a look online for ideas for things to do with the kids when it’s a rainy day and found these great ideas that I had never thought of before, so wanted to share them with you.

Hope you find these ideas useful. Amy

Record the sounds around you
Make a story tape
Have a jigsaw afternoon
Paper mache
Make an indoor obstacle course - Yes hands up, this will turn your house upside down image
Create an indoor den


  • Also try:

    - making puppets from socks

    - investigate shadows (great for tent making and using torches)

    - reading a story in to a PC and then playing it back for Daddy when he comes home

    - baking

    But if it is rainy slip on the wellies and go puddle jumping!!!

  • Leaf rubbing! Season permitting of course image
  • Home made popcorn and movies.

    Second the baking,homemade biscuits and hot chocolate.


    We have a huge cupboard full of craft stuff,pipe cleaners,pompoms,shapes,glitter,glue.

    Definately second the puddle jumping too,make sure you have wellies for yourself too,and waterproof suits for the kids are a big bonus.

    Game of hot and cold,or hunt the thimble,whatever you call it.

  • I'm a big fan of craft activities. I make my own greetings cards but if you can't think of any reason to make a card you could make a collage picture using anything you can find laying around, pasta, ribbon, foam shapes, whatever you have.

    I also enjoy gardening and never miss the opportunity to pass on a bit of garden knowledge (obviously when the weather permits). If you're not much of a gardener then you can buy a whole heap of garden and plant activities online or in shops now. You could either get them some tools and turn a corner of the garden over to them or get a little set for them to grow (I like Little Green Helpers website, they have sets that have everything you need in including the compost)

  • During rainy days it feels so much hard to entertain the children and stop them from getting bored and restless. But i make my kids to engage in few activities is use to do during the weekend like indoor obstacle course, make play dough,make instruments like tissue boxes and elastic bands make good guitars, paper plates etc, paint plant pots or coloring pages from these activities my kid love to do painting the plants pots and coloring pages most. For coloring pages i go online for pages so that i can make my kid engage in this activity. As every kid love the cartoons so i download cartoon related pages. 

  • I've been putting together a website of activity ideas whilst in lockdown. Check it out and tell me what you think!

    It has indoor active games (for rainy days but also for people stuck indoors due to COVID-19), treasure hunts (mostly for indoor use, with one or two outdoor ones as well) and crafts including a separate toddler craft section. The activities are aimed at 2-12 year olds, all are free.
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