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baby #7 due!!

Hi, i haven't been on for ages but had a bfp last week so here i am again lol. Just wondering if anyone has owned an 8 seater car and if so what was it & how did you find it? We're looking into getting a toyota previa?? xxx


  • was just having a wander round the site and saw this!


    im one of 5 and that was fun!

    happy and healthy 9 months to you xx
  • Hello and congratulations!

    How old are your other los? Do you have boys or girls?

    I am due with no5. Right now we have a ford galaxy, but we were looking at switching it for an 8 seater just to make the getting in and out easier. All of mine are in car seats still and I dread having to unclip a car seat fold down the middle seat, just to let the two in the back in and out.

    Not to mention pregnancy hormones have me all anxious about what would happen if we ended up in a river, how would I get to the two in the back, ect. Just ignore me and my hormones. image

    I like the look of the toyota previa, are you looking at a certain year?

  • Thank you both, sadly i had a miscarriage at 5+6wks hence why i haven't been on. Things are ok though as i concieved again 2wks after my loss!!!!

    Ignore my ticker, that's my old one so i need to change it, i'm now 15+1wks & desperately hoping for a girl lol although as long as it's healthy obviously that's what matters most.

    I have a daughter (12) & my oh has 3 daughters (12,11 & 8) all before we met & together we have had 5 boys (7,5,4,2 & 16 months) which is why i'd love this last baby to be a girlimage

    We bought a 8 seater toyota lucida in the end, it's really high on insurance but much needed so worth it

    michelle xxxx
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