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From potty to toilet

Hi ladies,

Have any of you managed to get your toddler off the potty and using the toilet? How did you do it, what worked and what didnt?

Please share your thoughts for the November issue of PP magazine by posting below or emailing me on [email protected]

Many thanks,

Liz, PP x


  • I have always let Harry see me on the toilet, and he goes to a childminder where the other children use the toilet. Before potty training I bought, toilet seats and pottys and a step up stool, so had all the necessary equipment.

    We started with the potty as it is quicker and always to hand but once seeing the other children using the toilet he was quite happy to, now though he uses a mixture of both - sometimes he wants the potty and other times the toilet and I dont put pressure on him for the toilet.

    You can buy some balls to put in the loo especially for  boys and you aim at them to make it fun, I have always thought they would be a great idea but not needed for H.

  • Hi,

    Mine all mine kind it on their own really, but both me and my hubby would let them see us on the loo.

    My two boys loved trying to aim at a pingpong ball that we left in the loo for them - they dont flush away so your not going to block the loo and they are much cheaper than buying "toilet training" balls. We drew a face on them. Just bin them if they get a bit grotty

    My daughter just copied her big brother, from going on the loo to doing standing up wees in the garden!!

    All in all i have VERY lucky with potty and toilet training all three of mine, but i have a relaxed attitude to it which i think really helps. The boys aim was off in the begining but it's only a bit off wee and not the end of the world.

    Oh yes, and we played a game of listening for the plop of a poo - i know that sounds gross but it meant they were not worried about going and found it funny!

  • Oh yes their aim is poor!     Harry wont stand still when doing a wee and sometimes he does piss and listening for the plop  we do that too - they think its quite funny

  • Thanks mums, so fabulous tips, as ever. Charmaine i would love to use your story-i have PM you a couple of questions if thats ok?

    many thanks,

    Liz x

  • hi liz,

    firstly, i want to thanks PP mag for the support! I had managed to potty train kieran with the helps of PP staffs like kim, sean .... also some of PP readers like anoldwomanlivesinshoe..

    secondly, i was choosen to test drive BUMBO TOILET SEAT!! It is brilliant!! because i got to make him to use it! so by doing this, he managed to get him off from his potty to the toilet!!

    i really like the bumbo seat cos not only is it soft, it is quite secure. it gives him a sense of security! he is so scary to fall inside the toilet bowl!! had to hold his hands b4 we got the bumbo!



  • My 2nd child (he is 7 years old now) wouldn 't use the potty, had to stand at the toilet, or sit if he had to do no.2s.  The toilet seats do help, as my eldest girl once fell into the toilet, and after that we bought the toilet seat - which gives them confidence.
  • i never used the potty wiht my 1st child (now 8yrs old) just went straight to the toilet using the aid of a toilet seat insert. I had no problems with this method and as a nursery nurse we don't use potty's at my setting either, using toilet seat inserts there too. They not only give children the confidence to use the toilet its also so much more hygienic.
  • My kids all started on the potty but  used the toilet when they wanted to.We never had a seat insert,they just climbed up there and sat down with the help of  a little stool,as soon as they felt safe to do so.They've always seen each other come and use the loo while they're in the bath,and I let the little ones have a go before they even knew what they were sitting there for.

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