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Could Be Or Not?

Hi there. Just signed up after finding out some shocking news.

Heres the basic jist of things.. I have been living with my ex partner for about 2 years now, a kind of friends with extra situation.

We would regularly sleep with each other. And recently (wed 6th oct) she found out she was pregnant. but heres the tough bit.. Shes been going out with someone new for the past 5ish weeks now, and slept with him about 3n half/4weeks ago, unprotected.. I last slept with her about 5n half weeks ago (week of 5th to 11th Sept), but it was a regular thing before this date.

She has told me that she suspects she was about 3weeks gone as of saturday (9th Oct)... As she had a "period" which she classed as a heavy period. She is adament that it is not mine, but after doing some research and asking around some friends who are mums, they have told me it isnt very likely for the test to show positive that early as the HGC hormone isnt strong enough in the blood or something like that..?

Ive also done lots of reading up and found that the "period" could have been a number of things (from softening of the cervix and implantation bleeding to decidual bleeding an even miscarraige)... She has had a miscarraige before... My question is: Am i right in thinking that this baby could still be mine? or am i just clutching at straws and wasting my time and heartache thinking the wrong things???

She has got a doctors appointment on the 18th Oct to find out for real... Is there anyway to actually find out how far gone she is without having to wait for the 1st scan at 12 weeks?? as thats 2 months (ish) away and i dont know how i am going to be able to wait that long...

One last thing is, she also suffers from PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome, could this in anyway way affect the results of a HPT or be a cause for the "period" like bleeding she had??

If someone could please give a quick answer it would be highly appreciated =) :? :? :? :?


  • The scan is normally the most accurate method of dating. Even when you work out a date from the period they'll use scan data. As there's a bit of overlap between you and this other guy it would probably mean you'd need a dna test to be sure.

    Im sorry you're in this position but I think you need to have a chat with her. It sounds like she isn't sure she wants it to be yours anyway so you might want to think about what you'll do. Having a baby together doesn't make a relationship better. It is very hard and stressful and even if you're comitted to each other it is hard. Even if the baby is yours you need to think about how you both want to handle it, like if she still wants to see the other guy.

    I hope you are able to sort it out.
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