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Could someone please give me some advice when i was pregnant and i worked full time i was told i was not entitled to the 500 pound sure start grant by my midwife now my baby is 8 months old my friend told me she got it and she worked full time and earned more then me and my partner. I am so confused and angry. so i checked the direct gov website about this but it has been up dated and looks like i only had up to 3 months to apply for it after my baby was born does anyone know if there is anything i can do?
thank you


  • I doubt there is anything you could do now,however I would try. Ring it job centre direct??? The actual payment comes from revenue and customs doesn't it? Tell them you were given false info etc,my motto is if you dont ask you dont get!

    I had similar prob,although I dont work(SAHM) my partner apparently earned too much to claim this,so missed out with eldest son,made sure I claimed it for the other two. I missed out on £190 payment for pregnancy,as I forgot,so so annoying,hurry though hun,the new government are abolishing that payment soon.

    Good luck!

  • thanks hun will do xxx
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