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To early to start buying?

Hiya, I am writing this as I've tried searching peoples opinions on this and can only find threads from before 2008 and things change so was wondering peoples latest thoughts. 

I am currently 17+4 weeks and am getting SO carried away with buying things. The day I took the positive test 3 days before my period was due I was in Babies R Us buying an outfit! 

People have had mixed opinions on me buying things so early as I have had 4 miscarriages in the past but couldn't resist the odd outfit purchasing. I've also brought one pack of Nappies & wetwipes every week since my booking appointment and have just started on the Size 2 nappies now. 

After my 12 weeks scan we went to Babies R Us and brought a pram because they had a 20% off Sale on Everything so we ended up getting the Silver Cross Surf for £460 & we got a free carseat with it...BARGAIN!! 

& yesterday we ordered the Mamas & Papas furniture set as we got 10% off our first order so not only were we saving money for purchasing the items together we got an extra £70 off it. 

Am I completly crazy for buying all this so soon? With my son I was so tired from about 28 weeks and had no energy...My plan is to have EVERYTHING brought by then and the nursery ready...Also giving my son the chance to come to terms with it all. We find out the sex (hopefully) on the 7th August which is when we will start buying more clothes etc.

I'm not sure if anyone else wants to know this but I've also made a fortune recently on Ebay from selling stuff I know I wont fit for atleast a year and by having a clear out of toys and dvds etc....Babies R Us accept paypal so money you didn't even have can go instantly towards baby goodies!! So far I've managed to buy a moses basket, moses basket bedding bundle, a bath gift set, bottles, steriliser and a cot bed set and bedroom accesories which technically didnt cost me a penny!! 

I'm not even half way through my pregnancy and have purchased pretty much half the stuff I need, This gives me time which I wouldnt of had with my son & husband at the end of the pregnancy instead of running around like a headless chicken thinking do we have that?? As my due date is also the 25/12/12 I'm gonna have enough planning with Christmas!! 



  • I'm pretty much all bought up! I started at around 10 weeks, I still need a new matress for the moses basket and for the crib and I need a baby monitor and some muslin squares. Other than that I'm good to go! Although we did have a lot of stuff already as this is my second. I'm 25+1

  • No I think its fine I have only bought a cot but have a good few things now from family I think if I had enough money I would have nearly had it all too x
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