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I'm new here

Hello everyone.


I'm new here. My name is Irina, I'm 27. I'm living in Central London, but originally from far away image

We are trying for a baby now.

I've visited my GP and he gave me some recomendations, so hope it will be very soon image

Feel free to contact - I'm happy to make some friends.




  • Hi im daisey im 27 too and have been trying for a baby for a while.. im new on here too.. image

  • Hi I'm also 27 just joined tonight. Trying for our 1st baby now but still early days. Good luck to you

  • Hi Kara. Thanks for your reply i only joined a couple of days ago too.

    goodluck to you too hunimage

  • Hello daisey, Kara5 and Irina2 - and welcome to BabyExpert!

    Hope you've found our Trying for a baby topic. We're sure you'll find loads of help, support and great advice there.

  • Hi Irina, I'm new too and only been TTC for a shoprt while. Hope to get to know you x

  • Hi beautiful ladies..

    Im Nizara, im newbie n would like to make more friend here..

    Im 34yrs old and a mother to 3 wonderful children.

    Im from Malaysia and hopefully can share knowlegde, experience and anything about our children.. :P

  • hi,

    im daisy 20 years old and just started my first round of clomid 50mg me and my hubby want a baby so much hope this works!! anyone has any success?

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