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Is he being out of order or is it just her?

So I'm taking dd to my friends ds first birthday tonight n she had a massive row with my oh last night as she asked him if he'd drop her nephew off home after the party when he picks us up and he said only if he's got a car seat to sit in as we only have one (he's 4). She went off on one adamant he doesn't need a car seat and if he won't take him home then he can't come to the party so will miss out. Ian said he's not prepared to risk his licence as he needs licence and car for his job and without it he wouldn't have a job. So she went mad and said since when do u care about the law then said don't worry I'll ask a proper friend! Are we wrong for not wanting someone else's kid bouncing about in the back of the car not properly strapped in? It's gonna b so awkward tonight now x


  • Not at all.  As the car driver it is your responsibility to ensure that your passengers are safely strapped in.  This nephew, being 4yrs old, would need to be in a carseat unless there are already 2 younger children in the car using carseats at which point the law permits the 3rd child aged 3yrs+ to sit without carseat.

    If your friend can not see that you are a 'true friend' by looking out for the 'safety' of 'her nephew' then I'd let her get on with it.

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