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How involved was your partner during your pregnancy?

Hello everyone,

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The big question... How involved/ helpful/ supportive was your partner during your pregnancy and at the birth?

Was he hands-on, extremely patient, helpful, supportive, there at the crucial moments but knew when to back off? 

Or was he abit useless/ unhelpful or sat in the background scared and overwhelmed? 

We'd love to hear your thoughts and to see how you think your partner could have got more involved.

Don't be shy...

Kyrsty @ MadeforMums x


  • He just focused solely on me. He kept talking and encouraging me. He really scare of blood!

    my husband got jelly leg and light headed when he had to walk pass me from the bottom end to get his camara. Cause the floor is full of blood, poo, urine ..... plus 2 doctors trying to stitch me up!
  • I would love to say he was the most helpful husband ever but due to his job, he wasn't image

     With my first child being bron prem, his boss was away on holiday and so as he was the only one left to cover the work, he had to work.  He took work calls whilst we were in the hospital caring for a 8 week prem baby and I was not impressed.  Even his employers didn't recognise his loyalty image

     Second baby was worse as he had to work 5000 miles away from me and so I was left with a mental toddler and an ever increasing bump to deal with on my own.  However he was very helpful after the birth - cleaning me up when I was being sick and dealing with all the sick bowls.  The nurses didn't come near me once so he spent the whole time helping me, helping my newborn and basically doing the job of the nurse.  He even took my sick bowls to the sluice to be dealt with!

  • My husband was in the middle of a Phd in Astrophysics and we were spending 7 months in Heidelberg as part of his studies while I was pregnant.  After our daughter was born we were living with my parents for a year.  Despite all this my husband attended all of my appointments and was a great help during the birth.  He kept very calm and massaged my back and after the birth he cuddled her in to him for over an hour to keep her warm.

    Having painted a rosy picture of him I have to say that he likes his sleep and wasn't great at helping during the night!  Hopefully if we have another baby we will get more time together after the birth as, last time, he was torn between helping out and finishing his Phd.

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