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Mothers day

Do you think card shops have gone too far with Mothers day cards from the cat,to my wife,for my daughter,my god daugther where will it end
What do you all think out there?


  • I agree with you Rachel,totally. Everything is far too comercialised nowadays(I sound ancient now!!) I was in a card shop and noticed an''out of the ordinary card'', it was 'happy divorce from civil partnership'. A )how sad someone would celebrate divorce and B) civil partnerships are reletively new,so how sad some aren't lasting already. Very sad.

    Why would someone send their wife a mothers day card though????

  • My sister said there was cards to my wife on mothers day - its about being a mum not a wife - anything for extra money eh!
    defo too commerical and I would always prefer a homemade one.
  • The only mothers day cards that count are the ones from your children - preferably a sticky gooey offering with a big smile and "I made it myself!"  I'll be so sad when my little girls start buying them for me instead of making them.

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