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Any young mums want to chat?

Hi, I'm looking for any young mums who just want a general chat:) 


  • Hello Im ttc baby number 1 and it so stressful wondering if I'm pregnant and then wondering if I'm putting to much pressure on my DH

  • Hi lady’s, im 20 years old and I think I’m expecting my first baby, I really need some advice, yesterday I did a test which come out with a strong like then this morning I’ve done another and it’s come out with a very faint line, im having all the symptoms, sickness, headaches and my boobs are soo sore😖 the digital blue clear tests say a negative but im still getting lines on an early pregnancy, am I pregnant? 

  • image Yesterday image today 

  • Hiya.. When was your period due?? First response test are the best to use.. Took me 6 days late to find out I was pregnant on my thrid. 

    Oh I'm 27 with 2 babies and just found out I'm pregnant on my third 6 weeks..I was 24 when I was first pregnant..

    How do ye feel

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