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Help with list of things i need to buy for the baby

ok so i have had my pregnancy confirmed and i am near the end of my 1st trim, I couldnt be happier

So i though i would make a list of things i and the baby will need.. i.e pram, crib, bottles... and such 

I though i would make this thread so maybe others can suggest things as i want to be fully prepared... 

So i would be greatful for help with this... if you can list few things i will need and the stuff that isnt needed...i.e changing tables are nice to have but not a main thing that is needed... any help would be great thank you x


  • I held off buying anything until 20 weeks, but im a bit superstitious that way. 

    we did and list and I gave it to my mum and my OH's mum who added things I missed out (thankfully wasn't too much) and we are now covered for everything. Baby is due January 20th. 

    Changing table wasn't for me but we did get the changing tray that attached on top of the cot. Necessities for us were a cot, drawers, glider (alternative to Moses basket), then you'll need some nappies, bibs, sleep suits, blankets ect...that's if it's the bare necessities your looking for. Necessities for me were the above, outfits, socks, mittens, dummy's, wipes, baby bath, high chair, swing and we have a bouncer though I would say one or the other would work, high chair, jackets, all in one suits, changing mat, bootees, pram, play gym, walker, travel cot, steriliser, nappy bin, bottles, lots of bath products....needless to say we are prepared but I'm normally very unorganised!! Haha

    shop around when you do start buying. Sign up to different websites to get emails on offers. Some things seriously vary on price. If your not fussy on things being brand new I would also advise you to check your local area to see if they do any markets (I'm in Scotland and they so something called the jack and Jill market)

    hope this has helped xx

  • Congratulations on your pregnancy, hope it all goes well.

    Here are a few things I think are usefull. A bath seat and bath/room thermometer. You don't need soaps and creams early on, just water for washing and sudacrem for bottoms. Do have a few new born vests and baby grows as 0-3 months are huge on a new borns. Muslin squares. Car seat with isofix base, makes life so much easier. Pram/travel system, do plenty of research and testing as it is a big expense. I can highly recommend the Uppa Baby Vista, it's light, easy to fold and push has solid tyres so no flat tyres had mine 3 1/2 years and still going strong. Don't go mad stock piling nappies as some babies can grow really quickly, my second was in size 4 at 2 1/2 -3 months. Your little one will be in nappies for at least 2 years so think about how you will change and dress him when they get bigger, I use the top of a large chest of draws which is in the nursery plenty of room for a 2 year old to lay on plus a box with nappies, wipes etc. A baby Bjorn or sling are great to have. Play mats, swings and bouncy chairs, some babies hate to have things hanging over head so maybe look for something that has detachable toys. Bumbos are useful for when they can support there heads and you start weaning. You shouldn't need to get a high chair until baby is 6+months unless you you've plenty of room to store it. I'm a big fan of the Stokke Tripp trapp it pulls right up to the table so you can eat as a family, plus it takes up little space. A few toys to chew and shake, picture books, it's never to early to start reading to your baby. In the early days you don't really need that much and you don't have to buy everything new or branded plus sadly they don't stay little for very long. Enjoy shopping for your little one, as long as you can afford it what's the harm in getting it all? After all you're having a baby not something we do everyday!

  • I think the other ladies have covered alot of this. I haven't brought a changing table as my sister has a 4 month old and she found she never goes upstairs to change his nappy so found it was a waste. Just buy a changing mat as you will find u will change nappies on floor/bed more often.

    Defo by a travel system which includes the car seat and pram etc to cut costs. Like the other ladies said tho do plenty of shopping about as its prob the biggest expense and u will want to get it right. 

    As the hoads said a baby room/bath thermometer is a must. I brought one off eBay that is in shape of a bear and is fully waterproof so can be used in room and in bath and double up as a bath toy too. U need to start thinking about if u want to bottle or breast feed as u will need a steriliser and bottles if u bottle feed. Im planning to express my milk so still need a steriliser and bottles and ive got a breast pump. 

    But don't like it overwhelm you. When I found out I was expecting I used to panic about all the things I needed, and although it's alot its all achievable in the next 9 months. Just buy a bit a month and enjoy the shopping as its so lovely buying baby bits. I have everything I need now and I'm due in 5 days yet still can't help but buy more when I go into a shop lol. 

    Congrats on your pregnancy and good luck x👍👶

  • There are only a few essential things such as nappies & clothes (& car seat if you have a car - not essential if you don't!) & a place for them to sleep but the rest are personal choice. & most of which you can buy once baby is here & you decide what you need. For example unless you decide you want to formula feed from day 1 you don't need to buy bottles straight away & then only buy 1 or 2 as some babies don't latch on to all brands. Likewise I wouldn't buy a breast pump until you're close to needing 1 in case you don't need 1.

    For me a baby bath didn't work out as my daughter slipped around so I bought a bath seat instead (a bit like a deck chair) that worked for us but you can just use the sink. I sat my daughter in a friend's bumbo & she didn't like it so I never bothered buying 1 but bought a highchair when she was 5 months old (a second hand ikea antilop one which is so easy to clean!) as she joined us at the table for meals just after 5 months to get her ready for mealtimes by handling her spoons & cups.

    In terms of a pram it's not a necessity. I bought a travel system (with a carrycot & buggy to go on the base) but barely used it as instead I discovered the joys of baby wearing. I went to a sling library ( to find your local one) where you can try out different ones & borrow them and ended up buying a Connecta which is amazing. We bought it to use on our holiday to Rome when she was 3 months as it meant no buggy on the metro or taking it on the plane etc but I discovered that it's far easier to use then a buggy & continued to use it till she was nearly 3 & my son came along (& now I sling him!).

    I love my changing table & used it for most changes until very recently, on it I have a long mirror which helped distract my daughter to make nappy changes easier. I also love my nappy bin but neither are essential. I have a few baby bouncers that we were given that are great as is a play mat but both were either given or bought using money given. Books are great, especially black & white ones. You'll get given a bookstart pack when you register your baby which'll have a few books in to get you started.

    With clothing, I dressed both of mine only in babygros & vests for the 1st month as it's so much easier & you'll probably need a few in both newborn & 0-3. You can always keep the tags in them & change them for another size depending on the size of your baby. I could never keep mittens on so I would get babygro's that fold over the hand rather than separate ones & also get ones that popper up the middle rather at the bottom. You'll also need a few cardigans & jackets/coats depending on the season. Dummies again are a personal choice I never needed them with my daughter but had a pack just in case (I've used them a couple of times with my son). I did use a lot of muslins which can be used for a wide variety of uses but I wouldn't bother with bibs until you start weaning (we've been given loads as new born presents).

    Sorry, bit of a long post, written in between feeds!! Remember you don't need to buy new, you can get everything you need in great condition secondhand on ebay, nct sales or local facebook selling sites or even free on freecycle so a baby can cost as much or as little as you want to spend.

    Hope you have a smooth pregnancy

  • Congratulations!!
    You must be soo excited!! When I was shopping for my first I used this check list:

    Things you definitely need

    • Cot (plus mattress, sheets and blankets)
    • car seat
    • Buggy, pram
    • Six sleepsuits/ long sleeved suits
    • Six vests/ short sleeved suits
    • Two cardigans/ jackets
    • Shawl or snow suit
    • Hat, mittens and bootees
    • Changing mat
    • Nappies
    • Nursing bra and breast pads
    • Bottles/teats/bottle brush (only needed if not breastfeeding)
    • Loads of bibs
    • Plenty of towels/ flannels/ muslin squares (for bathing and dribbles!)
    • Loads of kitchen roll and cotton wool pads
    • Brush and comb

    ​* only one of these

    Things that are handy

    • Moses basket/ crib (plus mattress, sheets and blankets)
    • Baby bath
    • Baby box or bag
    • Sling
    • Bouncy chair
    • Baby monitor
    • Changing bag
    • Breast pump
    • Steam steriliser
    • Baby lotion
    • Baby wipes
    • Bath thermometer
    • Nail scissors
    • Nappy wrapper
    It is soo easy to over buy half of the clothes I bought didnt even get woren because we were given so muh as presents!

    Hopes this helps wishing you all the best :) x
  • Nothing really to add to what the other ladies say. Except its interesting how things are such a personal choice. Totally not helpful to first time mums but some things you do just have to try.

    I am completely the opposite to Blackkat in that I couldn't get on with my sling at all. Found it made my back ache. I think it depends on lifestyle too - I gave my car up shortly after DS arrived which meant I walked everywhere so for me a pram, and then a buggy, were absolutely essential.

    Also with the changing table thing, I love mine. We had so many "accidents" where DS would wee (or poo, or vom, or on one delightful midnight run all 3 at once for me!) while I was changing him that I can't imagine doing it on the floor or bed. Don't get me wrong, obviously I have at other peoples houses or out and about, but personally I don't want the mess (or smells, yuk!) in my bedroom or living room.

    I'm just packing my hospital bag at the minute (due 14th Feb) and have discovered Water Wipes - not sure if they were around for my son in 2011. Getting some to put in incase the nasty first poos won't budge with water and cotton wool alone!

    And also get some Lansinoh for your nips if you're breastfeeding image

  • Two cotton Baby grows (white)

    Baby changing Bag to put things in.

    Nappies Newborn

    Two cotton vests

    Nightdress for Mum

    Sanitary products for after Birth

    Toiletries for mum

    Baby Towel

    Cotton mittens and hat

    Change of clothes for mum

    Moses basket

    Baby sling

    Fabric wardrobe

    Baby bottles and baby formula

    Car seat to bring baby home

    Pram from birth

  • I hope this list will be helpful. Also bibs blankets and tissues

    Good luck

  • Also huggies pure wipes with water.

    Cotton wool or cotton pads.

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