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Would you like smoking banned in all outdoor spaces?


We're wondering what you think about what's happening in Bristol, where 2 city squares have become Britain's first major public outdoor spaces to go smoke-free.

The change, initiated as a pilot by Smokefree South West, is voluntary (no one polices it; instead, there are lots of signs asking people not to smoke) but Smokefree South West's director Fiona Andrews says, "We hope it will have a lasting impact. These city centre squares are often full of children playing and this pilot will provide a smoke-free environment for kids and their families to enjoy."

But smokers' groups have already criticised the move, with Simon Clark, director of Forest, saying, "Extending public smoking bans to outdoor areas is illiberal and unwarranted. Smoking in the open-air harms no-one apart, perhaps, from the consumer and that's their choice. Smokers… must be allowed to light up somewhere without harassment."

What do you think? Would you like public spaces to be smoke-free? Would it make a difference to you and your children? 

Or do you think this kind of scheme is unnecessary and just makes life difficult for smokers?


  • I hate being in densly populated public spaces with my little ones when there are quite a few smokers (and usually try to avoid these types of situations, although don't happen upon them to often, although last time i did, someone flicked the lit end of their cigarette absentmindedly and it went into my buggy narrowly missing my little girl..i went MAD!!), and although I somewhat like the idea,I don't think this kind of scheme is going to make a difference, especially if it is voluntary (not many people are going to take heed if they are dying for a fag). I think smokers should have more common sense to not smoke in areas close to children, for example play parks, bus stops (my pet hates!). if you want this kind of scheme to work..there needs to me more of an emphasis on how smoking can impact on children..not just 'please can you not smoke here..if you fancy..but you don't have to...thanks'. 

  • I don't think this would work at all - wish it would! I'd love to see no one smoking in paricular places like parks, and especially outside school gates (yup, some of the mums chuff away right outside - makes me fume!), but smokers likely see things differently - they're after all outside in the open air... That's likely their argument!

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