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Am I going mad?

I have been TTC for 4 months with vedy regular pre painless/hormoal periods. I am one week away from my period date and I feel strange and have A few things which I think could be my inaction!. 

i took a test and I think I can see a very very very faint second line can anhome else? If my dates are right I would be 2 weeks max. 



  • Since my last post ive discoverd the term evaporation line! Does anyone think this is what it is and I am getting my hopes up?

  • Evaporation lines have no colour to them hun. A positive line will either be pink or blue. When I got caught I knew I was pregnant, did a test a week before like yourself and it showed up negative, did one 2 days before my period n it still showed up negative n then I waited until I actually missed my period did clear blue n they showed positive. 

    Good luck xx

  • I can see a very faint line. It doesn't look like an evap line as it does have colour in. I would give it a few days and test again. My tests looked like this until I was 2 days late. 

  • I think i see it - but you know you just have to test again in a few days! Good luck and let us know!

  • Aha, found your post. Yes hun, I think that's a positive!!!! At least I hope it is as mine is just as faint and I'm counting that as a positive too!!! Good luck, test again in the morning and see if it's a tiny bit darker?? Eeeee how exciting!!! xx

  • I am shaking reading all of your posts!

    TINK89 since this test I have done another one and no stronger line, I spoke to teabag81 on another post and worked out my dates properly with some help as my periods have been all over the place since coming off the pill and I am actually late, I have dreams of telling my partner on VDAY if this is positive so unless my period comes i plan to take another test in 2 days time.

    I still feel very peaky and all period based signs have stopped, I have to say I dont think I am I think I am just getting my hopes up.

    Will keep you informed thank you for taking the time to reply.


  • Any news Alba B??? xx

  • Hi, 

    sorry not been on here for a few days 

    my period came image 

    going to be able to put the ovulation strips to good use this month! If I dont conceive this month I'm going to go to see my gp. 

    Thanks for for asking hope your ok x 

  • Hi Alba B, sorry to hear AF came, I hope you are ok, Sending lots of baby dust your way. X

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