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Warning for those who entered Premier Photoshoots Competition

I had a follow up call today regarding the competition I entered on MFM.  He started off by saying I'd won the Platinum package worth £500 and then went into detail about what this would include.  It sounded very exciting.  He then slipped in at the end of the conversation that I would need to pay a refundable £50 booking fee to secure my place. I ended the conversation saying I would need to check with the rest of the family re dates.

I then did a bit of reserach and it turns out the £50 is only refundable against their products.  I also then found an email from them in my trash and it said that the winner had already been chosen, but that I had been one of the lucky ones to be offered this.

Please don't get sucked into this - a very spammy company, in my opinion.  I also didn't realise, by entering this competition, they would then have all my details.  It's such a shame for a company to behave like this as MFM usually have some fantastic prizes up for grabs.


  • Hello Georgie Aronin.

    This all sounds very odd. And very upsetting.

    Are you talking about the Premier Photoshoots comp that is still live on MadeForMums?

  • Hi Helen

    I didn't realise there was one still running.  I think this one relates to the competition that ended on 21st January.

  • Ah OK. Forgive me for not realising there was another one!

    Right: as we hope you'll understand, it's a bit tricky finding out more about this on a Friday evening when most folks have left the office.

    We're absolutely not fobbing you off, though.

    We promise we will look into this first thing on Monday and find out what on earth is going on.

  • No problem.  Thank you.  I just wanted to warn others not to pay the £50.

  • Morning!

    Just updating you, as promised, to say that the team who organise our comps are looking into this for you today.

    We'll post again when we have more news.


  • Hello again. Right, we have spoken to Premier Photoshoot and sorted this out with them. 

    Entrants to this particular competition, and any other comp we run with Premier Photoshoot, may well be contacted with details of other Premier Photoshoots promotional offers but they have assured us that no other entrants should have the same experience as you, as going forward they will make it clear that they are making you an offer rather than winning a prize. We apologise for any confusion caused.

    Also, we'll also do our absolute best, in future, to make sure that your details are only passed on to the prize provider for promotional purposes if you have consented to this. This is in line with our privacy policy, which you can read at

    If you have any questions on this, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

    Thank you so much for drawing this to our attention.

  • Thank you so much for your detailed response and for rectifying this matter.  A thoroughly good website all round.

    Kind regards


  • Hello everyone

    Just to add to our previous post: as a result of us receiving further complaints about Premier Photoshoot, we have decided not to run competitions with them any more. 

    Thanks for your nice comments, Georgie Aronin - that's really appreciated!

  • And thank you for your quick actions and for being so thorough.  I have noticed they are running their 'competition' with other websites including Wedding Magazine.

  • They have changed the name of this place a few times: Lovin studio, Makeover studio and it is now called Premier Photoshoot - probably because of all the bad reviews. The address is still 57 Warren Street. There is currently an offer on Groupon : I strongly recommend you to avoid it:

    First of all, it starts with the make up and hair. The lady who does it is basically the receptionist. Don't expect it to be a pampering experience, it is as if your friend was doing your make up for you. She is a sweet young lady, but definitely not a professional. The make up she uses is cheap and looks quite dated.

    Then after 1 hour wait, your photoshoot experience starts. The studio itself looks cheap. The photographer is alright I guess, not very creative though, always asking you to take the 2-3 same poses. Mine was a Pregnancy photoshoot, and most of my shoots looked the same.

    The worst part of the experience is the photos viewing. The sales person was very pushy, intimidating and made it very clear that we wouldn't leave unless we pay for more pictures, each picture being 100 pounds minimum! With the Groupon deal, you only get 2 non air brushed A4 print outs, which is ridiculous. So basically non professional quality pictures. No digital copy, nothing else. The guy makes a 30 minutes speech where he explains that no one has never left without paying more. He told us that Groupon keeps all the 19 pounds that we paid, and that the deal they have with Groupon is just to drive customers into the studio so that they can buy pictures after the shooting. Obviously your "booking fee" is never refunded.

    We left paying 100 pounds extra, + 20 pounds booking fee and 19 pounds for the Groupon deal...for 3 pictures in total.

    The worst experience ever. I felt so silly when I left, not even happy with what should have been my special day.

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