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Braun thermometer!

hi ladies i want to leave my review/questions regarding the braun i was picked to test but the likn you send wont work???? please help xx


  • I am also trying to find out where to post my review.


  • Hi sarah rowland2 and AngWass2 - sorry that link isn't working - we'll just figure out what's going on and get back to you soon as we can.

  • Hi, I am trying to post my review for the Braun Thermometer but the link isn't working??

  • Hi lucy buckle, don't worry - we're going to get on to this first thing tomorrow morning when we're back in the office - we'll let you all know the new link as soon as poss - sorry for the kerfuffle!

  • thank you very much xx

  • Evening everyone.

    Just wanted to echo DanielleMFM's apology but also explain a little more fully.

    The feedback thread for the Braun thermometer product test hasn't been put live yet because we're just waiting for the good folks at Braun to confirm the questions they'd like you lovely testing people to answer.

    We're not quite sure why you were all sent a thread link in the covering letter that came with your thermometer - and we do apologise for that mistake.

    We'll talk to Braun on Monday, then get the feedback thread up ASAP - and mail or PM you all the correct link then.

    Oh, and we'll post it on here, too.

    Apols for all the confusion. Not like us at all!

  • Hey, I've just seen this thread. Has everyone else who is expecting a thermometer to test received one. I had a email to advise they would be dispatched last week and it is yet to arrive. Wasn't to concerned until I saw this. Thanks x

  • Hello everyone.

    Ok, we are live with the feedback threads now! Thanks for your patience.

    You can find the feedback thread for the Braun No Touch + Forehead thermometer here.

    And the feedback thread for the Braun ThermoScan 7 with Age Precision ear thermometer here.

    Please do make sure you leave your feedback on the correct thread.

    tink89xx: yes, your thermometer should have arrived by now. We'll see if we can find out if we have any tracking info on your parcel that might help us work out what's happened.

  • Thanks Helen. 

  • Hi again tink89xx.

    This is going to sound a bit cryptic but can you please knock at no 53 and let us know if that sorts things for you?

  • I've sent you a pm Helen. X

  • Got it, thanks! And have replied...

  • Post deleted by MadeForMums. 
    Here's a link to our Chat guidelines. 

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