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just looking to meet new friends. im going to be a first time mum in June and all my friends seem to be interested in going out and partying, kinda boring. So thought I'd join this and say hi 


  • Hi Shikari, it's hard when your friends are at different places than you. I lost most of my old friends and I wasn't even that young with my first. I have now made a lot of new friends that have children the same age as mine. I would definitely recommend looking at baby groups in your area as you may find people in the same boat and it's lovely finding children your baby will grow up with! I'm due with my third in October but I know with my first just how daunting it can be. Good luck to you! X

  • Hi dear

    I think it's a good thing of doing that is good to have people who are there for you too

  • Aww thanks image yeah I'm going to look into baby groups when she comes along so I can meet other mums. Congratulations on your third baby btw. X

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