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Do you have/did you have post-natal depression (PND)? Tell us what you think helps the most


It's a sobering fact that one in ten of us get/will get postnatal depression (PND). And many of us know how difficult it can be to find a way through it.

We know there are groups and services out there that offer various kinds of support for PND – from medication to counselling to everything in between. We also know that the extent of this support can vary hugely, depending on what part of the UK you are living in.

So we wanted to ask you, if you have PND or have had it in the past, what was it that made the difference for you?

Was it medication? Or counselling? Or a local group? Or friends and family? Or maybe even a chat forum, like this?

Please do share with us, if you're able to, by adding a post to this discussion thread. We'd really love to know – and we're sure that sharing your experience will help others with PND, too. Thank you.


  • My salvation was breast feeding. It was an enormous struggle to begin with, but then it was something that only I could provide DD. no one could take my place and feed her. It was as if it was the one thing I felt I succeeded at. I've often said that I was so low that if I wasn't feeding her, there's a huge possibility that I would have walked out and left my DD and husband. 

    I also had CBT, which really helped to change my perspective on things. 

    The main thing was time. Over time I got my confidence as a parent and realised how I wanted to parent and found my own way. 

    I would say though that PND never 'really' goes away... Not completely. 

  • Thanks for sharing, MrsHunt110611. Your post is really interesting – and, hopefully encouragingly positive for anyone who has PND now.

    I think I agree with you about it never really going away. But you know what they say, "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger", eh?

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