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(OTish) Tatttoos

I am currently thinking of getting both Jack's and Williams footprints tattoo'd on me but I cant decide where to get it dine... so I need idea's! 

I currently have one on my left foot. 

So where have you got tattoo's? And do you think it would be odd? And would you think I should have them hidden or on 'display'?



  • Ive got tattoos on both shoulders....left foot and right ankle.  I had my sons name tattooed on my left shoulder shortly after he was born and i have recently had some wild roses put around it (roses are the birth flower for June when he was born)

    I love with all of mine that i have a choice to have them on display if i want but if i need to then i can also easily wear clothes/shoes to cover them

  • Hey lovely, hope you are as ok as can be x

    I have 5 tattoos. I have one for my angel babies on the top of my back, its 3 swallows and I love it. All of my tattoos are in places I can cover them, lower back, wrist, ribs, hip and the swallows at the top of my back.

    I went for somewhere I could hide so I didn't have lots of questions about my tattoos. But that's just personal preference. I think under your arm/side boob/ribs sort of area is good, as its close to your heart. Rhianna has a gun tattoo there if you want to google it. x

  • I have tattoos on my neck, shoulder, and forearms.

    A Mum at J's Nursery has her daughters hand and footprint on her back, with her name.

    The Mum from 16 and counting had her sons handprint on her hand (so they are always holding hands), and his footprint on her foot, so he is always walking along with her. (Or something like that).

  • I like the idea mentioned by AK of on the feet and reasons for it.

  • I do love the foot idea think inwill do that...

  • I like the side boob idea close to ur heart. I'm thinking of getting a small stem calle Lily on lower part of breast sweeping to side of breast. The Lily has special meaning for me. Also getting a butterfly with small swirls & 2 stars on lower abdomen hip area representing my family, two stars being my children. 

  • Go for it, Tattoos always look good. 

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