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Any Lidl shoppers here?

I did a Lidl shop yesterday, not a main one just bits n pieces but I quite liked it. Like the packs of deli meats, they were much cheaper. As were cherry toms, cucumber, biscuits.. the british mince was cheap too but I didn't get any. 

Anyone shop there and can recommend anything?


  • Yes their ice cream! The tiramisu flavour is amazeballs.

    I like Lidl, their fruit and veg is good and cheap. And I love the random stuff in the middle!

    I have an addiction to the paprika flavour crisps they sell, I could eat a whole bag. Their wine is really good too.

  • I like the biscuits they do!. We have had the lasagne from there and it's nice.

    I do like a bit of the randomness that is lidl!

  • Very impressed with their fresh meat - their steak mince has so much more flavour than any of the other supermarket mince.

    Also use their own shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, OH uses their shaving foam, washing powder, fabric conditioner, dishwasher tablets, washing up liquid.

  • I don't go there very often now as I don't work near one but we love their pasta sauces, washing detergents, fruit juice, frozen pizzas are lovely, jars of anti pasti, continental meats, ice cream, I like their chocolate too

  • Oh this is all good, particularly the wine! Will try all this, thanks !

  • I've popped into there because it's next to baby group - their orange squash is identical to Robinsons, and I love their freshly baked bread! Chocolate milky way replica didn't go down well however. I've not tried much else, but plan to pick up the odd thing each week to try.

  • Squash, good to hear, we get through that so will try Lidl's one.

  • The baby products are great. Nappies are brilliant and about half the price of some other brands! they also have some really good snacks for babies for when you're on the go. 

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