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Any lunchbox ideas

What can I give to L for school packed lunch? I either do pasta salad if some kind or a wrap or a sandwhich, he's got a wrap today and huffed and puffed! There's not much else he can have is there? Any suggestions of anything else? 


  • E has a packed lunch 3 days a week, 2 days I do sandwiches and one day I'll do pasta or crackers (cream crackers).  I'll butter the crackers and put them in a little tub then in a separate tub put ham or chicken.

  • Thanks sw, he gets tuna/salmon/ham pasta which is cold, sandwich or wraps.

    I might ask about taking flasks with either soup or noodles or something??? I drop him off at 8.45 and lunch is 1130 do it would still be warm but not sure where that stands health and safety wise, might see the teacher.

    Going to look in my AK weaning recipient book for ideas too Laugh

  • You're more adventurous than us.  E gets either a ham, cheese or paste sandwich depending on what mood she's in.  Then she'll either have a yoghurt, raisins, grapes, a few cheddar biscuits, very occasionally a kinder chocolate.

  • Packed lunches I used to have


    Crackers and cheese crackers in a box chees wrappe seperately so nothing went soft (when I was in secondary school I would get to pick a selection of mini cheese rom the cheese paick and mix section in the supermarket

    hommous and veg sticks/ pitta

    Cold home made pizza

    Chicken drumsticks

    rice salad

    pasta salad

    quiche slice

    pasta salad

    can you tell a lot of my lunches were variations of previous dinner?

  • Ooo! Chicken drumsticks! Never thought of them! Or quiche!

    Thanks x

  • Not really chids, we do sandwiches and wraps and pasta, its just that he's packed lunch 5 days a week and today on hearing he had a wrap he moaned, I suppose he thinks its all a bit samey.

  • L has either:

    Ham sandwich

    Ham mini pittas

    Ham warburtons thins

    Ham roll

    Ham wrap


    Ham and cheese sandwich

    Ham and cheese mini pittas

    Ham and cheese warburtons thins

    Ham and cheese roll

    Ham and cheese wrap

    As you can see, he is not very adventurous with his fillings.....

  • I'm going to use some of these for inspiration too.  E only has packed lunches two days a week.  She'd love cold HM pizza, and i'll do her some of that for next week.

  • I'm so lucky. Louie loves a picnic / paced lunch - ham or cheese or ham & cheese sandwich, sausages, cheestring or dunker, fruit and yoghurt. He can't wait for school!

  • He doesn't like cheese strings or Dunkers.

    Iv sent a mini pork pie or sausage roll with cucumber/carrot sticks and I send those little cocktail sausages as extras too.

  • C likes

    Roast veg cous cous

    Chicken and honey mustard pasta salad, cheese pasta salad

    Sandwiches - chicken and bacon

    Sausage  (He doesn't mind them cold)


    He has those fridge raiders, and babybel.

  • My daughter has decided to have school dinners only this term but last term I was giving her sandwiches, or pitta breads or wraps. With a cheese string, baby bel cheese or dunkers on the side plus some chopped up veggies.

    If he likes them what about things like Scotch eggs?

    My daughter's school allows them to pick and choose between school dinners or packed lunches. Could he have a school dinner some days to give it a bit more variety (and save you on the cooking?)

  • Thanks all, scotch egg and cous cous a good idea. He has to give 2 weeks notice for school dinners and have them for 2 weeks so can't alternate iyswim x

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