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Any tips in how to make your hair grow??

Over the years I have had my hair shorter and longer but it never grows any longer than to my bra strap!

I know it does actually grow as my roots (I have it coloured) show me it does lol but I don't understand why it's not getting any longer?!

I have it trimmed and roots done every 8 weeks or so.

Can anyone recommend any supplements or anything else??



  • Sea kelp helps to make your hair grow quicker but some people say that it causes a few spots on the face. As a hair dresser, if someone is growing their hair I always say to take the smallest ends of the hair every 12 weeks instead of 6-8 hth x

  • Thank you! someone else recommended kelp as well, so will give it a try. Not sure if my split ends could last 12 weeks, but may ask the hairdresser to literally just take the ends off as she can get a bit scissor happy!

  • I was at the hairdressers last week when one of her other customers came in. My hairdresser had commented on how this woman's hair had grown. She recommended a shampoo from Amazon called mane & tails. I've never used it myself but some of the reviews were good.

  • I used sea kelp on the run up to the wedding and it did seem to help

  • Thanks both :-)

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