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Anyone had a slimming world referral through the GP?

I'm mega overweight, and having had my babies i've now decided that i need to change things lifestyle wise.  I've read online that some GPs will give vouchers for free slimming world for 12 weeks, has anyone done this?  My sister is currently paying to go to slimming world, and says it's quite easy to follow, and i've got friends and family who've lost a lot of weight doing it.  I've done WW but tbh it didn't work, it took me about 18 months to loose just under 2 stone, and it's all back on now. 

I've got an appointment with my GP for friday afternoon, so i'm hoping that she might be willing to help me in some way.



  • I think different areas do these things differently. In my area I know there is a support group and possibly reduced costs to access the local swimming pool/gym.

    Definitely worth asking.

    And there's always the weight loss thread here as well.

  • My GP has given me slimming world vouchers in the past.

    Now they give WW vouchers I think instead of slimming world

    I'm going to join slimming world tomorow night.

    The criteria for my area is - you've not tried a slimming group before or had the vouchers before and need help to loose weight.

    So if your GP asks just say you've tried diets but would really like to give SW a go!

    They took a couple of weeks for the vouchers to come through when I applied.

    Good luck anyway! X

  • Im sorry but GPs are giving vouchers to join classes to aid weight loss? Cos the country can afford that can't they.

  • Just to play devils advocate- I'd imagine giving slimming group vouchers could potentially save the NHS money in the long run if the person loses weight successfully and therefore won't need more expensive treatment due to weight related conditions

  • So what's the criteria? Being overweight or not afford that class yourself?

  • I would go for those who are overweight- I guess it's the same as people who get prescriptions for nicotine patches, anyone who wants to stop smoking can get help whether they can afford to buy them themselves

  • Unreal. Un. Real.

  • I can see you point Belle, but i guess that is what is wrong with the government, and if they can give people who are addicted to drugs precriptions for methodone or people who want help quitting smoking prescriptions for nicotine patches, there isn't a lot of difference in giving people slimming vouchers.

    I'm just hoping that she'll do something to help me, i've done diets, i'd say since about the about of 12 i've been on a diet of some sort, and i'm 30 this year.  I probably have about 8 stone to shift. EmbarrassedSad

  • Chids how will these vouchers make a difference to you this time? Is it because your not paying for the class yourself? I could understand if you were being referred for Lighter Life or the Cambridge diet, or a gastric band or something if things are that bad, but what will a voucher for Slimming World make different to attending the classes yourself?

  • The NHS does it because obesity is costing us (as we pay for the NHS) billions. It not just the fact that being overweight means you are more likely to suffer illnesses but they are having to get bigger ambulances, more hoists, wider beds so that they can get people to hospital safely. So economically it does make sense.

  • I'm quite happy to go and pay for the class myself, but if there are people getting the classes for free, then surely i should be able to try and get a free pass.  I'm not saying it will help, but i'm hoping that it will.  TBH i'm at the point where i'm willing to try anything.  If i go and she thinks that something else will be more beneficial to me than attending a slimming class then i'll give that a go.  All i know is that i've now got two children, who wear me out so i need to get fitter for them, otherwise who knows how long i've got with them, we've also got a history of diabetes in the family, and with me getting GD during both of my pregnancies there is a very high chance that i'll get it in the future unless i make changes soon.

  • I didn't know they referred to slimming world, I was sure I knew someone referred to lighter life, and she lost a good few stone.

  • Chids join our weight loss thread and also check out My Fitness Pal as there forums on there. The success stories on there inspire me when I'm struggling with it.

  • Cedar, i will do at some point, i do have a little nosey in the tread so see what it's all about, but i've not taken the plunge yet to post.  I'll take a look at my fitness pal too, thanks for the tip.

  • They might not be giving out vouchers anymore. Some gp's in my area were abusing the system and handing them put willy nilly so it wasn't working

    We now have live well Suffolk which is so much more effective. You can do exercise classes, healthy cooking workshops and see dietitians. It's all free. Anything like that in your area?

  • Daisy, i don't know if there is.  I'm hoping to find out on Friday when i go for my appointment.  That does sound like a good idea though, and a way to change a liftstyle.  I already exercise a bit, i do an hour of zumba in the week, and at weekends i try and get out with the double pushchair for an hour or so.  It's not a lot, but when you're working full time and then coming home to 2 babies, it's about the most i can fit it.

  • Join us, we won't bite.Laugh

    I try to make sure that I do a walk in my half an hour lunch break on the days I work, and I also started taking the stairs rather than the lift. I can now walk up the 6 flights to my office without being too out of breath at the top - I started off doing just three flights and worked up to it. They're just extra ways of being a bit more active as its hard to fit it in with everything else (and I only have one child and work part time).

  • Hiya,

    Jan 2015 I was referred to Slimming world through my GP on my request. I was 15 stone 5 lbs and 5 ft 7. I was unsure about going to a group but wanted to try it out. 

    This week I have achieved my target at Slimming world and I am now 11 stone 5 lbs. I am 4 stone lighter and have a healthy BMI. I am fitter and able to do more activity. My cholesterol level has gone from 5.1 down to 4.4.

    I am grateful that I got SW free for 3 months and it has made my life better. I have leant to have a healthier lifesyle. Me being healthier will save the NHS a lot of money not paying out for treatment for example type 2 diabetes. It is much cheaper to prevent illness than it is to treat.

    I hope this will motivate others to try it.

    Thanks Sian

  • I was referred to Live we Suffolk but when I asked about the exercises I could do, I was told that my postcode was not within an area known for obesity and was not eligible.  Who cares what everyone else is like around here.  I am the obese oneim not asking for them.

  • Bellemumdrum Everyone needs help at some point in their lives, including you no doubt. I am disabled, 80% bed bound, and as a result, I have gained over 7 stone since becoming ill. I also live on disability benefits (I hope thats OK with you), and the cost of SW is an issue. The referral plan will help me to get a foothold on what I can do to change things and lose weight. Its insulting to judge, you assume all overweight people are just greedy good for nothings, who deserve no help. God forbid anything should happen to you where you would need help.

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