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Anyone had IPL/laser hair removal?

Did it work? I am a brunette so apparently ideal candidate.

Local salon I work with is now offering it, and I am very tempted but want to know it's worth it before committing. 


  • A girl at work (blonde) had a 12 week course under her arms. It didn't work. She still has hair although it's very very very fine and not as much as was once there, but it's certainly not all gone.

    Another girl at work (dark) is starting a course has had 2 of 6 on her legs and bikini - she can see a difference but it's hard to tell as it's so early.

  • I had ipl before my wedding, it did reduce the hair for a while, I was able to go on hen do and honeymoon without waxing but I got pregnant quite quickly after and I'm hairy again! But not as hairy as I was. I had it on my legs and bikini.

    Laser is different to  IPL, with laser they actually use the same machine as tattoo removal, just using a different colour of light and it's stronger so you wouldn't need as many sessions, not sure what price different is but it's probably quite a bit more than IPL

  • I am really interested in this, thinking of having it done on my face as I have very pale skin and dark hair. Waxing is ok but gets costly plus I would like a more permanent solution  x

  • The thing with it is although they call it permanent it isn't. The way I had it described to me is it permanently gets rid of the hair after a few treatments but then other hair follicles grow that weren't there before.

    I had some salon sessions but they were costing a fortune so I bought a machine from boots with a contribution from my OH for Christmas. It cost a few hundred pounds but a few years on it still works an I can top up on treatments in my own home. It's not really painful, you just have to ensure you shave the area the day before so the hair doesn't burn but there's enough under the skin for it to act upon.

  • Yes! It's brilliant! I had it done a few years ago and hairs stopped growing for a while. Last year they started to reappear but they are so fine and barely there that I can wax or shave so infrequently. I'm planning on having larger areas done next. My sister had her legs done and has had no regrowth 12 months later. Keep an eye on Groupon, I had my first 6 sessions of underarms for £99 and after that, the salon agreed to do the same offer for my lady bits! I had to pay a bit more as she recommended 8 sessions on my apparently hairy area!

  • The way it was 'sold' to me was that it wasn't permanent but likely to be very long lasting and that blondes probably couldn't have it as their hairs aren't dark enough for the laser to treat. They also reckon it can take 6-8 sessions to get rid of all the hair.

    Might give it a try, not got anything to lose but hair!

  • Well, I can say that lasers nowadays are doing great things. Yes, you can remove your hair if you want so. I remember when I was younger i have used a laser from to remove my fat, and it worked. My bode changed and I am very very happy. So go ahead! You can do what you want!

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