B did a normal poo!

I know this isn't exciting in the normal schemes of things but I am so ectastic over a poo. He ahs only been wheat free since Monday but last night he did a normal poo which is incredible for him. Horrah this may be the end of bowel problems for my little huge boyBig Smile

Although he did wet himself at school todayLaugh Can't have anything too straight forward!


  • Glad his wheat free diet is working for him x

  • Thats great QI!

  • Second normal poo today - he asked for help because he didn't realise that it is normal to have to push your poo out he is used to it erupting from his bum poor lamb!

  • Thats great isn't it.. nice to see that even though its difficult having to exclude stuff from his diet its paying off.  Are tomatoes/dairy excluded from his diet because of his pooing or for another reason? If its the wheat thats been the problem can you reintroduce it or are those things excluded for a different reason?

  • Thank you for askingBig Smile The gastro person we saw originally thought it was either gluten or wheat that was B's problem. He said that once that is excluded from his diet B's gut would begin to work normally and potentially he would be able to re-introduce dairy productsBig SmileBig Smile But the tomato is something he has inherited from me and that is the one we don't know about unfortunately. B definitely ahs a problem with dairy but they think that was jsut because of the impact of the wheat and is very common to get them both being an issue and excluding wheat and then dairy not being a problem anymore.

    I am so excited though over a poo it is so ridicolous I almsot wanted to take a picture of itROTFL

  • haha, spare us!  Fingers crossed for the reintroduction of dairy!

  • Wow that's great that it's making such a difference already. How on earth do you meal plan around things he can't have though? It must be tricky.

    Is the wheat something to do with why he is always hungry? I remember you've said before that he eats absolutely loads!

  • Everything just has to be made from scratch and if it isn't a raw product that you have to check it states free from wheat on it because otherwise it could be hidden in the ingredients under one of the about 30 names it gets hidden under.

    AND this is another massive breakthrough he wasn't CONSTANTLY asking for food yesterday either! The nutritonist said if it is the wheat it would cause him to feel constantly hungry because he isn't able to properly absorb the nutrients he needs from his food so would feel constantly hungry becasue in essence he was. So now because he is absorbign what he needs from his food and hence the normal poo he would no longer feel constantly hungry. My food bill will decrease and increase at the same time - hopefully at the same rate!

    Checked couscous last night and was gutted to find out he can't have that - and it's another thing he lovesSad

    A lot of the recipes we were recommended contained dairy or tomatoesWeep

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