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Bakers with gas ovens

What am I doing wrong? We have a gas oven in our new house&every time I bake I burn the bottom of the cake. I never had this problem with electric. I follow the timing & temperature to the letter. But I'm finding that if the cake is cooked, the bottom is burnt. In burnt bottoms, means not quite cooked cake in the middle.  Any suggestions? 


  • What temperature are you baking at? Try putting the cake tin on a tray with newspaper on. I usually bake cakes at gas mark 2 or 3.

  • The recipes say gas mark 4. Ill try lower then. What does the newspaper do?

  • I think it stops the bottom of the tin getting too hot

  • Ok, will try it, thanks!

  • Won't putting it on a tray heat up the tray and therefore conduct more heat to the bottom of the tin?

    I find that newer ovens are more fierce than the recipes in many of my cook books and although I have an electric oven I have to reduce the temperature of all recipes which makes the whole thing a bit hit and miss!

    I'd try wrapping the bottom of the tin with newspaper or baking parchment. You can try double lining the inside of the tin or lining it inside and outside. This should stop the bottom getting too hot.

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