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Beauty treatments and affording them/DIY

Loving the beauty threads today.

i used to have ALOT of beauty treatments prior to leaving work to be a SAHM. We simply cannot afford the money it takes. Thinking back I'd spend:-

Eyelashes + eyebrows - tint and Hd £35 x2 a month

St Tropez Tan - £40 x 2 a month

Set of nails -£20 x 2 a month

file/buff/polish on feet- £15 x 2 a month more if aspecial occasion

Demalogical facial - £45 every two weeks

so that's over £300 a month just on treatments. That was without buying products to use at home, makeup etc. nowadays I have to scrimp to get my eyebrows done every month or so.

How do you find the money. What tips do you have to maintain the treatments but at home so minimise the cost???





  • OMG - I've only ever regularly had my nails acrylics but hated them and they ruined my nails so now its nothing!

  • I'm just wondering how to maintain what you did before on a budget or by DiY?? Is it even possible or should I just give up lol xx

  • I'd spend on what actually needs doing and cant be done at home - like I cant do my hair myself, so I have to pay for that.

    Thats why I have never done waxing - time and money!

    I would love to be able to put on fake tan but I would be streaky!

    Eyebrows - can you do them yourself?

  • If you can shape them nicely yourself then yes. You can also buy tinting kits in boots if you are confident enough to do that yourself. I don't think your fake tan would be streaky. Put it on with a mitt and make sure you exfoliate and moisturise etc and you would be fine. I've even used that St Moritz from Wilko's instead of St Tropez and it's absolutely fine.

  • I am happy to colour my hair from home and I do my own nails as I don't like them long but like them to look "done" if that makes sense.  We are very corporate at work and it finishes off the image.  Waxing I have done cause I am a hairy munster and shaving certain thiings or imac'ing just doesn't cut it for me.  eyebrows as long as they are shaped nicely (which actually my mum is very good at doing for me if I ask) I use a brow kit from benefit and this works just as well, depends on the effect you want to be honest.

  • As I posted on the other thread I am a DIY er for most things these days.  The only thing I pay out for is my haor - £120 every 8 weeks or so for cut and highlights.  When I went through my brunette phase I was colouring at home instead so the cut was about £60 instead.

    My nails are always done - I bought a UV lamp and do my own gelish manicures - saves £30 a pop in a salon

    Waxing - aside from a pre holiday wax I do my own, saving about £15 a time

    I never have facials etc (although I would love to!) but do invest in good skin care products from dermalogica.

  • £300 a month on beauty treatments?! Surprise OMG! I could never afford that!

    Ive replied to the beauty thread.

    I use good quality products eg dermalogica and get them for christmas, birthdays etc.

    I save up my boots points for my make up & again get loads at christmas etc.

    I do a lot myself. I epilate once a week instead of waxing but I do get waxed for holidays.

    I do my own facials using dermalogica products. I pluck my eyebrows. Im allergic to tinting so thats no use to me. Sometimes my local beautician does a £20 offer - 1/2 hr dermalogica facial & 1/2 hour back massage so I would go for it maybe once every few months.

    I do my own fake tan - even for my wedding day. Ive been doing it years. I love Laurens Way tan but St Moriz is also good. It dries out my skin but all tans do!

    I paint my own nails etc (get gel nails for special occassions. holidays etc. Had gel nails on for 6 months there but currently on a break). I use nais inc products, I love them.


  • My 6 weekly appointment with beautician costs £26 for eyebrow wax & tint, upper lip wax, Hollywood wax.

    My nails cost £15 for infills every 2-3 weeks.

    My tri-weekly eyebrow threading & tint costs £15.

    My fake tan is £3 a bottle, plus £2 mitt every 2 weeks.

    Toes / pedis are summer time only, but about £20 a month.

    It adds up but they are essentials.

  • My eyebrows are £6 a month

    Hair £80 every 6 weeks

  • since having the kids and becoming a sahm i don't have a single thing done

    i used to have silk or gel nails every 2 week £18

    eye brow wax £7 every 4 week

    bikini wax every 4 week

    i now pluck my eyebrows, file my nails and shave!

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