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Blackpool is a hole!


  • It's VILE! I would tell u to just sit in a pub but they are VILE too, try to head to Lythem much nicer than Blackpool and the people aren't as rough

  • lol I seem to remember you were told this. Try to make the most of it, get drunk as possible!

  • I was told its rough. It's a f u c k I n g hole. *** end of nowhere. We've even checked into a new hotel down the furthest end

  • Only been once in my adult life and I intend never to return.

  • Oh I remember it being awful. We stayed in a dodgy B&B that stank of fried food and had a pull down bed! Everyone looked like drug dealers! (apologies to anyone who lives there)

  • Ha, told you lol.

  • The fact it is so dire, is why I like it... Not sure why.

  • Ha ha knew you would hate it. You were warned! Me and h went before we had kids and stayed in a proper hovel for 4 nights trying to do a cheap holiday (don't know what we were thinking) and it cost us over a grand!!!! We could of done a weeks all inclusive.  We only go every year on Halloween to the pleasure beach cos the kids love it.

  • Thankfully sw L absolutely hates it too so we never need to go Laugh

    The ils loved it which is shocking as mil was usually quite stuck up but she grew up near Blackpool and think it was a but nostalgic.

    I think its all the hen and stag dos that totally bring it down,

    Belle I did say 'nooooo, don't do it' and you said you lived in London and didnt want fancy bars, you were like a lamb to the slaughter. Hope you have managed to have a good laugh about it and enjoyed just getting away, Alton towers a million times better than the pleasure beach so today will be much better.

  • No I've not laughed about it it's truly hideous. I wasn't expecting fancy bars and restaurants but there wasn't even anywhere to eat. I asked a bar maid if there was maybe a pizza express or similar near by she looked at me like wtf is pizza express and said we have pizza rut Kay f c or chip shop ont front. *sob* we ended up in a place called the grill near the pleasure beach whereby I managed to upset a table of 4 ladies by slagging Blackpool off so much they asked To move tables. It's a hole!!!

  • Ha ha embrace the hole that is Blackpool.  To be fair we don't venture far when we go.  We go straight to the pleasure beach, spend all day there, grab a McDonald's and head to the hotel bar.  We ventured along the front not last year but the year before cos E wanted to get her friends some rock and I was shocked at what a dump it actually is.  Needless to say we skipped rock shopping last year.

  • Oh dear, this doesn't sound like the weekend away you wanted for you and H!! I've never been but must say I've never wanted to either.. Hope something good comes out of it though!

  • Oh dear. I've not heard good things about Blackpool and I know I would hate it so hopefully I will never have to go there! I thought Weston super mare was a hole so it must be worse.

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